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The Reluctant Escort by Stone Richards
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Mar 20, 11

it was ok

"The Reluctant Escort" traces the day of Lee as he starts off alternately reviewing the pros and cons on the break up of his 4 year long relationship with his lover and business partner, Larry. As he nurses a beer too early in the day over his recent choices he is unaccountably offered an escort job for the night which he takes for the sake of the money. Although gay, he decides he can be straight for pay even if it involves sex.

His date turns out to be a famous cross-dresser in their little town in Washington. From the moment Lee meets Sydney the interaction becomes uncomfortable and coercive. Lee is embarrassed to be seen with Sydney and Sydney is oblivious. Once Markus, Sydney’s boyfriend becomes involved it also becomes intimidating.

Lee clearly does not find Sydney attractive and talks himself into the situation because of the money. Markus scares him and he constantly thinks about his ex, Larry. He considers leaving time and again and at no time did I think he was really turned on by these two. Yes, he does get excited but it seems less to do with anything other than being rubbed into it.

Once the date is over and the sex begins, Lee is able to find Sydney more attractive once he takes off his evening dress and girdle and appears more manly. Not too long into their evening, he inexplicably allows Sydney to tie him up, which seems like a seriously poor choice. Once Markus arrives Lee reluctantly goes along with a threesome. At no time is a condom mentioned and they are all able to orgasm multiple times in the course of what seems like a very short time. There is no chemistry between any of these three main characters.

Although Lee realizes while participating in the threesome that he really does love Larry it seems disingenuous. Hopefully Lee’s plan to keep his night a secret from his very jealous partner is possible once they reconcile. I can’t imagine Larry would be happy to find out about the condomless shenanigans his partner took money to participate in that night.

I usually like cross-dressing stories. I think the whole premise adds a delicious element that can send the erotic moments into the stratosphere, however, I realize now that it is important that the character also prefer a cross-dresser in his bed and that he too finds it erotic. In the end this book did not trip my “erotic” meter and I kept wondering when Lee would realize that the money just isn’t worth it but he never does.


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