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Gaven by J.C. Owens
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May 22, 2010

really liked it

4.5 stars

Gaven surprised me. I found myself very riveted to the problems Gaven found himself in and the people surrounding him. I was thoroughly sucked into the story almost like a kid turning the pages of Huckleberry Finn to see how he was going to handle the next problem.

Gaven himself is a young man snubbed by society all his life who finds himself welcomed into the arms of the enemy as a celebrated lord and high ranking son. He also finds that this army has a man love philosophy that encourages, actually demands, that boys are paired in every way with older, wiser warriors for training in the art of war and the art of man love. All of these changes confuse Gaven on many levels. The introduction to these ideas are quite thoughtless and abrupt making the situation worse.

These concepts are too much for Gaven to grasp in the short time it is all thrown at him. He wallows in confusion, despair and guilt. He makes some poor choices but he also shows immense strength and courage in the face of friend and foe alike.

Eventually Gaven does find himself in the arms of Vlar, his mentor and they do consummate their partnership. This happens towards the end of the book with very little sex (except for some voyeurism) throughout most of the book. I didn’t miss it though. I was drawn to Gaven’s journey.

I was captivated by the story. It even made me sniffle at points which is rare for me. I loved this book and hope to see more by this author, hopefully in the same world to tie up some loose ends.

I closed the book with several unanswered questions that I am still, a week later, wondering about. What happen to the leader of the outlaw gang? Where did the outlaw gang come from? Why was Vlar so immersed in the wolf pack? How did Vlar come to be part of the fighting force and are there more of his type in the city? Where did the soldiers that “adopted” Gaven into their division end up after he got to the palace? Nothing critical to the overall enjoyment of a book that was much too short, but still frustrating points to ponder long after the last page has been turned.

Like I said, I hope there is a sequel planned even though there weren’t any characters I could see that would be used for one, unless the story of Gaven and Vlar were to be continued.

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