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Bonded by Jay Lygon
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Mar 20, 2011

liked it

This is a story filled with all likable characters that are endearing and adorable, even grumpy Brandr. The premise is interesting if a little hard to follow. Both Brandr and Tyler become bonded accidentally but the process that causes that leaves a lot of questions and no real answers.

The bond itself seems to be a bit ... finicky. Brandr can feel emotions and a physical sensation of Tyler and vice versa for some things and not for others. Brandr can feel Tyler having sex but he doesn’t seem to feel him enjoying a meal, getting intoxicated, surfing or getting frustrated at work. I expected Tyler to feel more of a void when Brandr is “dead” sleeping or to feel it when he feeds but that doesn’t seem to be part of the bond. It was hard to follow.

Kyle, Henry and Jaime are interesting characters that add to the mix greatly. They added much color and insight into Brandr’s new living situation. Even with the vampire frat boys from hell to torment him, I had a hard time seeing Brandr as a young, good looking, 25 year old in a 1200 year old body. Too often he was described as old, set in his ways and grumpy. I pictured him more bearish. It was hard to create the right mental picture to go along with the personality. Loved the throne though.

Jay Lygon writes a good story that ends more 'Happy We Figured Out How To Live With This, Maybe' rather than 'Happily Ever After.' I can see where the originality tried to kick in to a genre full of copycat ideas but this one may have fallen a little short both in pages and in full plot and characterization.


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