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The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner
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May 21, 2010

really liked it
Read from July 23 to August 01, 2010

What motivates a psychopath? Methodical dedication? A high? Discipline? Read “The Perfect Husband” By Lisa Gardner and find out.

Clark Kent wasn’t the only one with a secrete identity. Jim Beckett did, too. Becket: a cop, smart, someone to be trusted, someone who would save Tess Williams from a lifetime of abuse. Jim would be her white knight. Little did Tess know her white knight had the heart of a deadly, cold killer.

Now, under her husband’s oppressive hand Tess had to learn to live, to survive. There were rules she had to follow to be the perfect wife and a price for not obeying, not being disciplined. Jim never hit her and Tess clung to that. She had to be better - for him. He got inside her head. He stripped away everything Tess had left.

After a few years Tess tried to fight back. Carefully. But Jim was so much stronger and smarter. After all he owned her. She had no thoughts that weren't his. Or else.

Maybe, it was luck. Maybe, Jim wasn't as smart as he thought. Tess did fight back. And the mistake Jim made was Tess. She helped put a way a murderer. Not just any murderer, a cold brutal serial killer. Her husband.

Now, something is wrong. Very wrong. Jim’s out. And he’s got a plan. Discipline is the key.

Can the police help? Who should she rely on? Tess knew, Jim wasn’t going to stop until she was dead. She saw what he could do… what he’d done. It would be worse for her. She needed help. She needed J.T. Dillion, ex-marine. A killing machine. A drunk. And completely screwed up by an abusive father. J.T. was her only hope. He would make her a killing machine. He would make her stronger.

He would save her.

She would save him.

But first, Jim was coming... they all new. But when? Would she be ready in time? And who would be left standing?

You have to love a story that leaves turning each page an adventure in anticipation. Yelling at the characters, “No! Don’t open that door.” And, “OMG!! OMG!!” as the action crescendos.

Another great read by Lisa Gardner. Wonderfully, detailed. The book drew you in immediately. Gardner’s depiction of the victims and their predator sent chills down my spine.

The book has great action and suspense. The story moves you quickly through the plot. The characters are engaging - love ‘em or hate ‘em you won’t be able to stop reading.

Lisa Gardner moves thriller books to an all-new level. “The Perfect Husband” is a great read. Lock your doors. Check the closets. Jim is out there.


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28.0% "Lisa Gardner is a wonderful writer. And the killer is super sick. Love this read."
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