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The Pact by Monica McKayhan
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May 26, 10

Read from May 20 to 22, 2010

I have read this book for two days and have not had one complaint about it.Indigo went over to Chicago for the summer and her boyfrend went to Houston for the summer.They made this pact about how if or when they find somebody,that they would breakup before that happened.Marcus was hurt and did not even have a word to say after that.But whenever you need somebody,they are just a phonecall and plane ride away.

During Indigo's stay in Chicago,Her cousin Sabrina takes her to night clubs,but this night,Indigo will never forget.After the drinking,conversation,and grinding and dancing and the car accident,Indigo never looked back especially when her cousin was drunk till she could not drive.When Indigo's head hit the pillow she had a weird dream that Sabrina's boyfriend and baby daddy was feeling her up.When Indigo woke up,Dugan was all up in her personal space, kissing her and feeling her up.When she tried to scream,Dugan put his hand over her mouth,trying to take off her clothes and he pressed down on her hard trying to take off his pants.When Sabrina came out their room,she was shocked and got fed this bullshit story about how Indigo was liking him that time when they were at the bar-b-q the first time she came.Sabrina actually believed him and kicked Indigo out.Indigo never looked back.

My opinion is that whenever you see an older guy giving you a weird look,I would have done the same thing nevr look back because your situation can be a whole lot worse then the retell i just told you.My advice is to never grow up to fast.

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