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Enemy Lover by Karin Harlow
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May 20, 2010

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Read from May 18 to 20, 2010 — I own a copy

I was really apprehensive when asked to read Enemy Lover by Karin Harlow. Not because it's her debut novel in her new paranormal romance L.O.S.T. series, but because it didn't actually seem like something I'd be into by the blurb on the back cover. Boy was I wrong. It's directly right up my alley.

Jax Cassidy is a newly converted member of the Last Option Special Team. Chosen by the Godfather for her skills and ability to survive and adapt to her situation, it's been six months since she was inducted. At first, her all male team were unsure about the feisty little female, but their tune quickly changes after Cassidy's trial mission. She's been turned in to a femme fatal killing machine. With a small frame, beautiful face, and brains to boot, all in which help her to quickly make short work of all her marks.

Colonel Lazarus is the leader of Ny Verden, or New World coven, the most powerful vampire coven on earth. He's also the leader of The Solution. They are another organization much like L.O.S.T., searching for, then eliminating enemies of the state. However, Lazarus uses it for his own personal gain to power. He has high hopes that he will be climbing his way all the way to the top of control in The White House through Senator William Rowland. Lazarus uses Senator Rowland to gain funds and information for The Solution, but Senator Rowland has had enough of The Solutions tactics. Lazarus's message has always been about patriotism, but his methods are turning to terrorism and is causing more problems for the US than he solves.

Lazarus's number one operative is Marcus Cross. Changed by Lazarus seven years ago after he was left for dead in Afghanistan, Marcus has become the ultimate killing weapon. Already a soldier before, his vapirism gives him even more of an edge with his vision that rivals a hawk, his sense of smell that is as keen as a wolfs, and his strength of that of a cobra. Add to that, being able to disappear at will and taking the shape of any victim he's drained and you get someone truly frightening... unless your Jax Cassidy.

L.O.S.T. 's next mission is simple: After Rowland stops funding The Solution, Lazarus is royally pissed off and starts to take it out on Rowland's family. So he calls the Godfather for help, and the Godfather knows that Cassidy is just the girl for the job. Her mission is to infiltrate The Solution at all costs and take out Lazarus and his operatives, but she's going to have to go through the charmingly sexy Marcus Cross first.

Enemy Lover is a paranormal romance with multiple person points of view. (Think J.R.Ward's BDB series) It's world is ignorant to the beasties that walk amongst them and as of now, only vampires have been revealed to it's readers. Enemy Lover is slow to start with it's introduction to the world, and L.O.S.T, but taken the complexity of the story that Harlow has created, it's only to be expected. She sets up the world and introduces characters at lighting speed. I must confess that I actually got lost (haha) in the beginning trying to figure out just who everyone was. However, once I did, the story became addicting, and the pace picked up quite nicely. Also, the story in Enemy Lover got quite dark at times and had a more urban fantasy feel to it, which is why I think I was so pleasantly surprised. One would have never known by it's cover.

Cassidy is damaged, unpredictable and stubborn. She fights for what she believes in and is learning to put her trust in others. Marcus is the Alpha male, cocky at times, but rightly so and not so much that your irritated, but instead making him more endearing. Together they explode on the page not with just hot smexn' and passion, but intense love. However, Harlow's heroine and hero have both been plagued with uneasy times and with an even harder life. While I know authors use certain story plots to help shape their characters, I really wish she didn't take the road she did with Cassidy. She showed with Marcus just how easily it could of been to take another route, but as authors so often do, she used the use of sensitive subjects to turn Cassidy into a much harder heroine. I'm hoping, though, that's the last we see of it in this series, because Enemy Lover was a wonderful read. I'm looking forward to more from Harlow and what she has in store for her L.O.S.T. series.

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