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Green Like God by Jonathan Merritt
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Jul 16, 2010

really liked it
Read from June 07 to July 16, 2010

I grew up in a staunchly Republican/anti-Democrat household. The attitudes portrayed by my parents led me to summarily dismiss any platforms held by Democrats during my teen and young adult life, including anything having to do with environmentalism and climate change. It wasn't until after I had children and my way of thinking began shifting somewhat, thanks in part to having more and more contact, conversations, and friendships with "liberals", and thanks in part to being responsible for the lives I brought into this world, that it dawned on me: You take care of the things that you love.

I LOVE the world that God created for us. Why did it take me so many years for me to translate that love into wanting to preserve this beautiful world?

Green Like God delves deeper into this very epiphany that I had years ago. It is NOT a how-to book on being "Green". It is a WHY book. Why should we care about the earth? Why does it even matter? Jonathan Merritt discusses various teachings in the bible, from the beginning of the world on through the New Testament, which all testify to the goodness of the Earth and our responsibility towards it. As such, this book re-affirms that which I was already thinking. I can't say how it might affect someone who has no environmentalist leanings, but I would hope it presents a pretty solid case. The earth is wonderful. Our treatment of it is surely NOT wonderful. We can do better, we should do better, and you can even go so far as to say we have been charged by God Himself to do better.

I've personally gone in and out of "Green" phases. Sometimes I do much better than others. But remembering the big, spiritual WHY behind going Green is better motivation than any other I can think of. One step at a time. If you need to shift your attitude first, then you should start there.

After reading through a frightening list of environmental-related statistics, many of which I was already vaguely aware of, I took great pause when the author wrote:
"Stop for a minute and meditate on these facts - a snapshot of the devastation occurring around the globe. People dying with parched lips and empty stomachs. Children breathing in grey air and coughing up blood. Animals vanishing from the face of the earth. Dense forests, which have been here for centuries, wiped from existence. Is this the "glory" that the psalmist sang about? Is this what the Scripture's authors call "the works of the Lord"? Are our actions lining up with all the things we've learned about God's heart?"

When I stop to really think, I'm floored. It doesn't matter that this author comes from an Evangelical Christian background, and that his scriptural quotes come from Bible versions I'm unfamiliar with. His interpretations seem sound and reasonable enough to me. I'm sure God weeps at the destruction of this planet a million more times than I ever do. And that is reason for me to do everything I can to change my world. One step at a time. I hope this book is enough to make the vast majority of Christianity wake up to their responsibility towards the earth. Creation-care, he calls it. Caring for the sacred creation our Heavenly Father entrusted us with. If you love it, take care of it!
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