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Unwind by Neal Shusterman
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Mar 23, 2011

it was amazing
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My Reaction after Reading This

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First, let me just say this very lame statement: This book is a major major Eeeeeeeeeewww and its so Deeesssscaaaasssting, I really need to watch Spongebob to take it off my mind, and I’m so not kidding!!!

*deep breaths* Hoooooo—haaaa

Okay, moving on…At first to be honest I didn’t like this book at first because:

1. It is written in a Third Person POV which puts the reader far from the book and the characters. And I’m not really a fan of Third person and I prefer books with First Person POV.

2. I am annoyed at Connor at first and I don’t know why, I just didn’t like him maybe because of his name which is kinda ugly or because he’s sometimes impulsive and stupid.

3. I can’t help but to compare it with The Island, the movie starring Scarlett Johansson (did I spell that right?). I feel like The Island has a more solid and realistic premise than Unwind because in The Island there are clones and these clones were the one used as donors for the individual who paid for the cloning and because they are clones basically they have the same genetic make up so Organ Rejection on the Organ Transplants are 0%.

4. It just bothers me too that in Unwind all the organs can be transplanted and they should really do this because of this Bill of Life which states that Unwinds are not really killed because they are not really dead, its just that their parts are divided and transplanted to different individuals. So for me it’s unrealistic because there are only organs you can transplant for example I think brains can not be transplanted. However towards the end of the novel I was bitch slap by the author and he did explain it that there’s an invented technology in the novel which is called Neuro-grafting that makes it possible for all the organs to be transplanted and also it is 99.44% transplant from the Unwind to the different individuals because appendix is not transplanted.

5. I also find it hard to believe that there’s a war about Abortion and because of this war, Unwinding was legalized and all the ends meet. And no one as in no one, fight against it. I just find it hard to believe because as the novel says there are two parties Pro-Life and Pro-Choice, I mean they could have at least debated it and what’s the point of two parties if they all just say Aye? Idk, completely unrealistic.

6. Another thing is, in this novel there are what you called Tithes wherein they are the sacrifice of their parents to God. So they have to give their child to be Unwinds and I just think that at present times Religion and Science are always the opposing sides. So I also find again that this is hard to happen in the future, because it should be more realistic if Religion will oppose to unwinding rather than supporting and even giving the Children as tithes.

7. The first half is a little bit boring and it is not that interesting and I am just patiently waiting for something to happen.

OMG I can’t believe I have too many rants. So why the 5 stars then huh? So the story picks up second half of the book when they are inside The Graveyard. It reminds me of Kid Nation wherein they have different tasks and then you can’t help it but there are kids that want to lead and then there are kids that they are naturally leaders even if they don’t want to lead. I just love that part; there are doubts, intrigue, secrets etc. I prefer not to give anything away but that part gets me hooked with this book. Also, this is where I started to like Connor and OMG I really like him. He became a mechanic in the Graveyard and I just love it, he’s really bad-ass.

I also love the romance sort of between Connor and Rissa and the first kissing scene was like I wanted to rip my hair out and the second kissing scene I was like squealing and I’m stuffing a pillow on my face so my mom won’t hear me.

Okay forget I write that...I also have a question for those who have read this book. Clickey the spoiler tag

(view spoiler)

Okay WTH I don’t know what else I would say. Now I’m speechless.


I just wanted you to know that the last part of this book was really something. You know with what happens to the characters. It was terrible, sick, disgusting, and tragic. And there will be a sequel that is not published yet. Some says that this book could pass as a standalone and given that there’s an open ending. It ended like the problem is not yet solved however there’s still hope at the end of the book. The ending reminds me of Mockingjay actually, a very dark ending but still there is hope for them.
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03/17/2011 page 1
0.0% "Back to reading Dystopia." 10 comments
15.0% "It's good so far and I really like Risa. My problem with it though is I think is that I'm confused on why the Government is so truthful to people who about to become unwounds and it didn't really made sense. Do they really think that these people would not escape and just accept their fate?"
45.0% "Maybe I have high expectations, but I'm feeling the Meh right now. The Island(movie) is way better, not to mention I think there is a major plot hole(I'll discuss that in my review)."
80.0% "I felt like the author bitch slap me. I'm having thoughts about that there is a major plot hole and then towards the end it was explained. Well Bummer."

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message 21: by Ruth (new) - rated it 5 stars


Sleepy Booknerd I really liked this book :)

message 19: by Aditya (new) - added it

Aditya Hadi why are you put this book on ebook shelf ?

Joyzi Because I'm reading it through an e-book not the actual book. Actually his books are not available in our place, maybe because it was published long ago and they got out of stock.

message 17: by Aditya (new) - added it

Aditya Hadi what ebook reader that you used? i use Kindle myself, and if i want some books i just leech it from mIRC. where do you usually get free ebooks ?? or you always buy them ? :)

Joyzi I just use my phone, I get them from 4shared so it's free :)

message 15: by Aditya (new) - added it

Aditya Hadi you know mIRC, don't you? have you tried mIRC leech? it's really help to find many title, actually. If you don't know about it, i can teach you how to do it. It'll gives you more books than 4shared :)

Joyzi no Idk any sites other than 4shared, I'll be really glad if you can share those site

Cindy /jumping in here/ Mobilism is really good. It's a forum, though, and you need an account to use the search option.

Joyzi it's a forum but you can download e-books?

message 11: by Aditya (new) - added it

Aditya Hadi do you have any account that can be used to chat missya? (for example Yahoo Messenger or Hotmail) mIRC Leech is rather difficult to learn but after you understand, it can provide you more ebooks than any site ^^

maybe Cinnamon means a forum where the user can give you some link to download e-book. In Indonesia there is a similar forum called Kaskus.

Joyzi ah okay, I have yahoo messenger

message 9: by Aditya (new) - added it

Aditya Hadi can you tell me your account by message :)

Cindy Yep, it's a forum with user-provided links:).

message 7: by Tintin (new) - added it

Tintin Only read the first few sentences because I don't want to be spoiled, but the photo speaks a thousand words! LOL. And btw I'm actually one of the people who prefer 3rd person POV over 1st person :)

Joyzi Really? I enjoy more the 1st person POV because it'll be like your inside the character's mind like in The Hunger Games.

This book also has multiple POVs in Third Person.

message 5: by Monique (new)

Monique In K.D.'s review of Never Let Me Go (which I loved!), he compared it to this book and enumerated the similarities in plot. Have you read Never Let Me Go? It's... cleaner, haha.

Joyzi Not yet :(

message 3: by Sleepy (last edited Mar 24, 2011 06:11PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sleepy Booknerd I usually enjoy third person more when its only one person's pov. Usually can't stand it if there is more then one, but I really liked it in this book :)

Maria gosh, joyzi, i was really laughing while reading your review! ranting and disgusted one moment, then kilig the next... haha, i love it! i will read this soon, want to know why KD likes it more than THG :) great review ha!

Joyzi I like The Hunger Games more ^^ but this one is also good, you just have to patiently wait for the second half though, the first half is not that exciting

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