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Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen
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May 17, 2010

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Read on August 26, 2010

So today I picked up four different books, read three pages of each, and then put them all down in a huff. I HATE reading slumps. Nothing about the books I picked up seemed to interest me and that's how I get right before a particular brutal reading slump in which I can't read any book for days. What's the best way to curb a slump? Well, by picking up a Sarah Dessen novel, of course. Since Someone Like You is the only Sarah Dessen book I haven't read so far, it seemed like the obvious choice.

I love Sarah Dessen's novels because they're just straight-forward, simple, sweet love stories (whether it be boy-girl love, sisterly love, friendship love, she's pretty much done it all) and her books are all comfort reads. While I've gone through various degrees of like with all her novels, I've never really disliked one. Someone Like You is no exception. While I didn't dislike the book as a whole, I really did dislike Halley (more so than Auden from Along for the Ride whom was the first Dessen protagonist I disliked).

My main issue with Halley was that she was the kind of girl that would happily be known solely as someone's girlfriend; the type of girl who would happily ignore everything and everyone just for the guy. Also, the kind of girl who tries to hook a guy who is clearly not into her like she's into him. And that's one of my pet peeves in young-adult literature. I absolutely hate it when the girl is pathetic. Yeah, yeah, you can say "Well she's just a teenage girl in love and they're sometimes pathetic." I guess, but that doesn't mean I want to read about it because that's just not enjoyable for me. Halley did get better in the end, but by then I was just too annoyed with her as a whole. I also disliked her boyfriend in the book, but I think I was supposed to dislike him (which was a shock considering I usually fall right in love with the guys in Sarah Dessen's novels right along with the main characters), so I can give her a pass for that one.

Now the good: I loved and adored Scarlett and her relationship with Halley. I'm an absolute sucker for a good friendship story. There's nothing I can do about it (not that I would want to). That's one thing that I can say about Halley. She never left Scarlett in the dust for the guy (well there was that one time, but that's okay since it fit with everything else about Halley). I also loved Halley's relationship with her mother. I was enthralled with her inner struggle to break away from her mother's boundaries yet feeling guilty about it. In fact, I could've read a book solely about Halley's relationship with Scarlett and her mom without feeling like I missed anything.

Someone Like You was definitely not my favorite Dessen. I just really can't get pass an unlikeable heroine that I'm supposed to root for. However, I did like most of the novel and I adored the other characters. But most importantly, Someone Like You curbed my reading slump and just really assures me that when I feel one coming on, I need to grab a Sarah Dessen novel and quick! Then all will be right with the world.

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