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Lady Sophia's Lover by Lisa Kleypas
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Aug 08, 2010

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bookshelves: regency-victorian, historical-romance
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3.5 stars

A nice story with a dream-hero (waiting for the right woman, devoted to his duty, copious chest hair..) and an interesting heroine (aristocratic, but whose only real life experience is as a servant, intent on ruining hero). As with the previous book in the series, there were sections where I just thought "Duh!" Either the heroine did something really daft (hero, the head of the Bow St Runners says to do one thing, for her own safety, so she does the opposite..), or additional characters/plot lines were introduced and just muddied the story. This one had a nice satisfying HEA, though, and neither the hero nor heroine changed excessively, and incredulously, at the end, which the previous book seemed to suffer from, in my opinion.
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Juliana Philippa I LOVE this book - hope you like it more than Someone to Watch Over Me!

Ruth I'm already enjoying it more! The hero is excellent, devoted, not caring what anyone else thinks of his heroine, but again, I don't buy that the heroine didn't tell the hero about her brother's identity. Daft.

Juliana Philippa Glad you liked it more than the first one ... maybe third one's the charm? Lol (fingers crossed).

Reading a not-completely-enjoyable book is never good, but I feel like with romances, it's even worse. When they are enjoyable and 5-star reads they're AMAZING, and you're always hoping when you start one that it's going to be another favorite to add to your list of constant-rereads.

Ruth I think I kind of killed it for myself by reading 3 Victoria Dahls in a row, which were all excellent. I should have switched to another genre to give those romance brain cells a rest. But I am getting into this series now. The third one starts out really good!!

Juliana Philippa Ruth wrote: "But I am getting into this series now. The third one starts out really good!!"

Let's hope it stays good for you for the remainder of the novel! I'm not a big Victoria Dahl fan and haven't read any of her books - which ones did you just read?

Ruth To tempt a Scotsman (the weakest of the three, but it's a relative term), A Rake's guide to pleasure and One Week As Lovers. All very enjoyable, moderately dark, but more on-the-edge than most HRs I've read so far. The characters were all superb, and the consistency was excellent. Although there are links between the books, I don't feel I missed anything much by reading them out of order.

Juliana Philippa That's right - I read your review for One Week as Lovers and it sounded very interesting. Will have to add it to my to-read library list.

Ruth The last one was the best in this series for me, although I didn't find the series fabulous. All the heroines were a bit too wishy-washy.

At least the cover doesn't have some guy with a waxed and oiled bare chest..

I agree. Whenever I see that I just wander how much it hurts to be waxed there, and whether they use cooking oil or scented oil, and why they waxed in the first place, and whether they get reimbursed for the cost from the photoshoot expenses...

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