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North Star Over My Shoulder by Bob Buck
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Dec 28, 2007

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Read in January, 2007

Buck has lead a fascinating life in the air, and on that merit alone I give this book the three stars. The amount of aviation history of you learn about by reading his story is amazing.

Unfortunately the content only barely sustains the horrid writing. It suffers from the same bland and cliched writing that anyone who regularly reads aviation magazines is all too familiar with. I'm talking about things like not understanding which details are relevant to a story and which aren't, so the author just throws them all in because, I assume the logic goes, those propellerheads will eat up anything even tangentially related to flying. He also follows the same secret formula that indicates exactly how many adjectives and adverbs need to be in a sentence to convey the appropriate emotion (no doubt with thesaurus at the ready to provide all those fancy words). Unfortunately the effect is, as always, the exact opposite: all sense of emotion is drained by the awkwardly composed prose and forced feel to the writing voice.

If you can make yourself wade through the horrible style, you'll be rewarded with potentially magical stories like what it was like to navigate the old airliners by the stars, but you'll have to provide the magical aspect yourself because Buck tells it like it wasn't...drawn out and boring.

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