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Lord of the Fading Lands by C.L. Wilson
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Dec 11, 2007

it was amazing
bookshelves: novels-fantasy, novels-romance-fantasy
Read in February, 2008

Always has the fate of the fey and the tairen, magical catlike winged creatures has been intertwined. When disease starts to decimate the tairen the fey king Rain Tairen Soul knows that his own race is to die as well. He searches for a way to rescue his people and the tairen and when the Eye of Truth an oracle shows him the way he immediately leaves for Celieria.
Elysetta Baristani a woodcarver´s daughter is among the people who want to watch the arrival of the king of feys. When Rain suddenly gets a call to his soul by this Truemate he is determined to find her. When Elysetta´s and Rain´s path cross he´s stunned to find his truemate in Ellie..
What a wonderful enchanting story! The mighty fey king – a very lonely and tormented man because of the deaths he caused in the Mage War, finally finding his truemate (the other half of his soul) something that has never happened to a Tairen Soul before and the simple girl Elysetta are wonderful characters I liked at once. Ellie isn´t such a smart-mouthed girl who never follows other´s advices because she has to prove a point about her independency (I´ve read enough of these annoying women lately) no, she´s an obedient girl who doesn´t want to upset her parents but if it is needed she´s ready to defend her opinions, she has her own morals and doesn´t back down not even to Rain who is a real "alpha" and has no fear to show his dislike when someone or something annoys him. It´s heart-warming to read (at least for a romantic like me) how they slowly overcome the obstacles in their way and the courtship of Rain is very romantic. And there are many obstacles – Ellie´s first bethrothal to a man she despises, her facing the royal court and the hostile queen of Celieria who doesn´t want such a low born girl being the fey queen, the mystery of Ellie´s origin because she was found as a little child abandoned in a wood by her parents, the Mages of Eld who want to get their hands on Ellie too for their own evil purposes. It´s not only a delightful lovestory but also has an suspenseful and exciting plot set in an interesting world with different cultures, races and people who don´t understand each other very well sometimes. The life and intrigues at the royal court of Celieria are also described very carefully and not in the least boring. Although I didn´t like Ellie´s mother very much she´s not an evil person only very concerned about Ellie´s future with the feys. If you like to read romantic fantasy stories try this book. You won´t be dissappointed and I´m sure you´ll be as much captivated by this exceptional fantasy book like I was...

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