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Natural Atheism by David Eller
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May 16, 10

Okay... I admit that even though I gave this book a 5 there will be many people who either just do not like the book or even absolutely hate it. Well, that's their problem. I have had the book for years, but I kept putting off reading it as the title and cover made me concerned that it would be a bit to new-agey, with a finding-god-in-nature tint. Nope, that is just unfortunate marketing -- the cover does not fit at all, IM(not-so-)HO. This book is the CLOSEST to a detailed, complete discription of my own personal views of humanity's place in the universe. This is a great introduction to the philosophical underpinning of viewing life through the eyes of an atheist. Sure, there are a couple of details and definitions in Eller's writing that I might describe a tad differently, but this is mere detail. If you are at all "questioning" of the popular mores, this is a good book for exploring those questions. Well written, and very thorough.

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