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The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw
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May 14, 10

"It is a generation of towering achievement and modest demeanor..."

This book celebrates how amazing my grandfather's generation was. After reading it, I was saddened that this generation is almost lost to us, inspired by the stories, and grateful that this book was written to preserve a people so extraordinary and selfless.

"...wars are celebrated for what they achieved. For the warriors who live, the consequences of war become a lifelong condition."

Just read page 24, the last three paragraphs if you want a sum up of how amazing these people were. It speaks volumes. This generation lived in an era when turbulent times brought out the best of people who were all united as one for the betterment of one another. Women's roles were redefined and forever changed as they became laborers, baseball players, and front-line nurses. It really paved the way for women's rights after the war was over. And though these great people were proud of their service to their country and fellow Americans, they rarely spoke about what they saw and experienced even to each other.

Brokaw's writing style is rich with symbolism and observations yet clipped and brief when introducing others into the narrative. He definetly writes like a reporter reporting a story.

The opening chapter wonderfully sets the stage of the times the WWII generation lived through. I think this book should be a necessary read for all kids of this age. If not to teach them about selfless sacrifice and American spirit and unity, at least to give them a history lesson. Fantastic piece of work.

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