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Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
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May 18, 10

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I finally figured it out.

Why did Patch give me the creeper vibe, while Edward didn't?

It's because Edward knew he was a danger to Bella and tried to push her away. He told her to leave him alone, he warned her repeatedly that it wasn't good for her to be around him.

Patch knew he was a danger to Nora and inserted himself in her life anyway, despite her protests. I think that's the crux of it.

I had a really hard time with this book. I knew going into that it was going to be, to some extent, "Twilight with angels instead of vampires." And yes, there are certain similarities. However, my reaction was completely different. Patch gave off a serious creeper vibe that I just couldn't shake, and Nora behaved like even more of an idiot than Bella (did I mention that I didn't like Bella very much?). Nora waffled back and forth on her feelings about Patch, sometimes even in the same sentence. I get that she was attracted to him. I do. But when you're telling yourself you need to find out if his suspected history of violence is a reality, so you will know to stop hanging out with him - good grief, Nora.... find out about it *BEFORE* you start hanging out with him.

Also, it really bothered me that Nora constantly lied not only to her parents, but also to the police. Granted, if she'd told them the truth she could have ended up in a rubber room, but she could have at least come up with a story that was plausible.

I guess I'm just at that stage of life where I can't read this from the teenager point of view - where lying to your parents and police and putting yourself in really, really dangerously stupid situations is okay if it's for a hot guy. I see it now more from a parent/adult viewpoint and I just think Nora needs some serious sense knocked into her.

On a similar note: in my opinion, this book is more sexed-up than a YA novel needs to be. I'm not sure I'd want my teenage daughter reading this. That is the other big difference between Patch and Edward. While Patch may in fact care for Nora for other reasons, his comments and flirtations are ALWAYS in the form of innuendo, and it was hard to believe he wanted more than just her body. I think that's a usual paranormal romance sort of thing, for adults - but I have a problem with the message it's sending to teen readers. So some guy at school is stalking you, knows way more about you than he should, constantly wants to take you to dangerous locations or get you alone, and is pelting you with sexual innuendos while not seeming to take your feelings into account. What? He's hot? Then that's perfectly fine!

I gave this book two stars. One is for the writing. It's decent. It's better than it is in a lot of YA paranormal books (House of Night series, I'm looking at you!). And the second star is for the plot, once it actually showed up. The book was just a series of really dumb choices and people scaring Nora or beating up her friends (and enemies), up until page 291 where I suddenly went, "Oh, THE PLOT HAS ARRIVED." The relatively few pages of plot, once the angel stuff kicked in, were actually interesting enough that I may someday read the second book to see what happens. I would definitely not have said that prior to that point.

So, there you have it. If you've made it this far through my rant/ramblings, I applaud you.

And Nora? Get a GPS or at least a map before wandering into the bad part of town, alone, at night.
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message 1: by Nan (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nan Julie, as you can see from my review, I did like this book, but I do totally understand the points you're making.

I'm on the other side of the "Patch v. Edward" debate, though. Edward bothered me far more than Patch because he was portrayed in a far more positive way than Patch was. Sure, Edward tried to protect Bella by staying away from her. But he was also making that decision for her, which bugs the heck out of me. I'm also really disturbed by Edward's stalker behavior in book one and how thoroughly Meyer romanticizes it.

Fitzpatrick is a much better writer than Meyer in my mind because she can convey to readers that Patch is a bad piece of work while still making him attractive to Nora. I don't think that we're supposed to like Patch all that much, while Edward is portrayed as the Ultimate Boyfriend.

message 2: by Crystal (new)

Crystal this review made me laugh. and, although I haven't read it, I can totally see your point about the relationship and the example it sets young girls (or older women, really).

Julie Nan: I can totally understand that. I guess all I can say is Edward didn't raise red flags with me while I was reading those books. Maybe he should have, I don't know. And yes, Fitzpatrick IS a better writer. I do think that Meyer tried to convey how dangerous what Bella was doing was, though... even if she was ignoring it at every turn.

Crystal: Thanks. :)

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