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Night World, No. 3 by L.J. Smith
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Jan 25, 2011

it was amazing
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Recommended for: over 12's
Read in December, 2010

** spoiler alert ** The Nigh World isn't a place. It is a secret society of vampires, witches,werewolves and other creatures of darkness that libve amongst us. They are deadly and irressistable to humans. your English teacher could be one and so could your boyfriend.

The Night World law says it is ok to hunt humans, it is okay to toy with their hearts, it is even okay to kill them. There are only two things you can't do with them.

1) Never let them find out the Night World exists.
2) Never let fall in love with one of them

There are stories about what happens when the rules get broken.

Huntress: Jezebel Redfern is the leader of the most dangerous Night world gang, the ones who hunt humans and drink their blood for the fun of it, until one night she learns a horrifying secret.... one that can make her second in command Morgead Blackthorn kill her... and last but not the least one that can cause her to be excuted by the Night World and it seems like she only has one choice if she is to live.
After one year of hiding and working for Circle Daybreak Jez is given an assignment to find the first wildpowers the ones who help the light defeat the dark and the only person who has the answer to that is other than Morgead. Problem is one: they are soulmates so she can't hide a thing from him and two: The Redferns are after her and it is upto her to protect herslef and human relatives plus whoever the wildpower is from her enemies.

Black Dawn: The only thing that Maggie Neely ever worried about was leading her soccer team to victory until one night her brother Miles's girlfriend Sylvia comes and claims he is dead. Everyone seems to believe her except Maggie and then she follows Sylvia only to make herself a slave to the Dark Kingdom where Delos Redfern rules and is the prince and where she is in a prophecy the witches have digged indicating she was going to free the slaves. Maggie doesn't believe in it and the only thing she wants to know is where her brother is but can she resist the charms of Delos and his threatining and harshiness? it seems like the answer is no.

Witchlight: Raksha Keller is a shape-shifting panther known as Keller and her team-mates Nissa Johnson and Winfrith Arlen are the best Circle Daybreak team and their latest assignment is to get and protect the fragile silver haired and dizzy looking girl called Ilianna Harman from the Night World since she is the 3rd wildpower and the Witch Child. Keller can't just handle the girl but her anger grows when the blonde haired, golden eyed Galen Drache is being gentle with her and telling he loves her. It seems ludicriously wrong since he is supposed to marry Ilianna as he is the prince of the shapeshifters but it seems as if there invisible connection that Keller can't resist.
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