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The Kommandant's Girl by Pam Jenoff
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May 12, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: borrowed-from-public-library, unfinished

** spoiler alert ** When I started this novel, I was really excited. My great grandparents were from Poland and Hungary, I usually like books about World War Two, Emma reminded me a little bit of the lady in "Black Books: which was long but a great movie...I wish the book had stayed as exciting to me. First of all, Emma is apparently pretty and works at a library. Her future husband is rich but doesn't care that she's poor, and marries her. Their romance didn't feel very real to me, because it seemed like he had fiery ideas and gave good speeches, and she liked listening to him. I don't know if those things and good looks are all you need in a marriage.

Jacob has to go away, and tells her to burn the wedding certificate and get rid of the rings. Emma doesn't. At first I thought "You are so stupid and I'm sure that will come back to screw you over later." Then I decided since they were only married six weeks, she probably didn't feel totally married yet and wanted those things around, especially because it seemed like she didn't feel good enough for Jacob. Anyway. She apparently is so charming (?) that the Kommandant (and I don't remember his name, because I don't really care about him) wants her as his assistant after meeting her and watching her blush and act like a moron all night at her aunt-in-law's dinner party.

She takes the job and starts doing things for the resistance, worrying about her parents and her husband along the way. I would have loved to read a novel like the movie "Black Books", but that's not what this was. Emma was kind of stupid. She was always blushing and staring at the Kommandant and acting really jumpy. I don't understand how she could have pulled off even getting into the office with the way she acted, let alone apparently working for him for a while. It turned out I just didn't really care very much what happened.

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