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Bounce by Natasha Friend
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May 12, 2010

I just finished the book Bounce by Natasha Friend. This book is about
a girl names Evyn. When her father gets remarried after the death of her
mother, he forces Evyn and her brother to move to a new city and live with
a new family and go to a new school. In the beginning, Evyn hates living
there and she doesn’t want to accept change. But at the end, she learns to
live with it and she learns to like them and like her school and her new city.
I liked this book. I thought it was really intressting to be in Evyn’s head and
hear what she was thinking. I liked how throughout the book, when Evyn
got upset, she would imagine what her mom would say and she would sort
of have conversations with her mom in her head. I thought that that was
really sweet. I can’t imagine losing my mom, then moving to another city
with my new family. It just sounds terrible. But I guess i would learn to
accept change, and I think this is what this book is about.
I think the book Bounce is about accepting change and moving on. I
think this because at the begginning, Evyn hated living with her new family
and she didn’t even try to get to know them or like them. For example, her
stepmother was home one day when Evyn got home from school, and her
stepmother was being really friendly and asking about her day but Evyn
just walked away. That shows that she didn’t even try to accept change. At the end, something changed and she realized that she had to learn to accept her new family and she could learn to love them. I think the author is trying to say that change isn’t neccessarily a bad thing, and that sometimes change can be good for you but only if you accept change and try to like it.

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message 1: by Nahima (new)

Nahima Uddin wow amy:) i loved your readers respone :) i liked how you expressed you opinion. great job :)

message 2: by Tacika (new)

Tacika Islam i like it its really gud amy :)

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