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May 10, 2010

liked it

Who can tell a lie?

Evidently a lot of people.

Some times to do the wrong thing for the right reasons, and some times just to be flat out nasty.

I found this book fairly univentful other than the fact it expressed that people were becoming more and more edgy. They're desperate for a way out. If the way out is death, then so be it.

Not to mention the Human Crew is raging against the mutants of Perdido Beach. And now their in leuge with Caine in some master plan that could cause the utter destruction of Perdido Beach. Mutants, normals, small children, everybody, could be consumed in the flames after the power strugle.

Oh, and for smaller issues that in the end cause bigger issues. Relationship problems. Sam and Astrid break-up? It can't be true!!! Well, you just have to find out for yourself.

By the way, I just have to give Sam a bit of a b-slap. Stop hinting at "it" you idiot. You're fifteen!

Anyways, you can pretend that that didn't happen.

The book again jumps between characters. Which gnawed at me slightly before because I just kind of wanted to stick with the main characters like Sam and Astrid. I'm afraid I may be getting bored with them however. I'm not sure they can be replaced as interesting characters either, which is troubling. Who's going to fill the void, slowly expanding with increasing boredom? Maybe Lana? She's one awesome chica and I feel that her character growth has become drastic and sad. She always looks at things upfront, she doesn't beat around the bush, she just submits to the reality of things. She survives but that doesn't mean she's going to like it and she fully lets you know to.

Grant can be given credit for this. He does individualize his characters well. However, sometimes I feel the constant nicknaming (Duck, Panda, Paint, Whip-Hand, Cinder [yeah, that's not her real name, don't ask me how I know:], etc.) is an atempt at creating a unique invironment. As a high school student, I know people with nick names like Lu instead of Lucy but nothing like Giraffe or Squint. I mean, it's rather unrealalistic and it gets on my nerves. Do any of these kids have real names? If they do they usually have titles like Astrid the Genius or Computer Jack.

Grant, on occasion, failed to prove his point. We're introduced to Sanjit and his small crew of brothers and sisters sitting out on one of the islands outside of Perdido Beach. They take up a large majority of the book and I have no idea what tht heck they're really doing there. If they don't have some important role in the next book, Plague (ooh! scwary), I'm really not going to apreciate them. Ever. Sanjit's brother has some sort of power that they don't really know about or understand. He has potential. My personal oppinion: They were thrown in to take up space.

I pittied Orsay. She'd jumped into the maw of the Gaiaphage and she never really come out. Keep an eye out for Nerezza by the way. Some of the peices are thrown together around end of the book.

There is true confusion as to which side to take at some point. It's fishy at either end.

Diana is also becoming somehow lovable. No, that makes her sound fuzzy. You side with her actually. The developement between her and Caine is a bit obvious but I liked the way they interacted with eachother throughout the book, especially towards the end. You hate Caine even more, simply because you realize what he's done to her.

Oh, and as for the apparent return of someone rather dubious and dispicable, you'll get some action on that. I don't really have a comment to throw in there. I mean, it happened and it had something to do with whacky powers and abilities and alien manipulation but that doesn't mean it was thrilling. I'll leave this to be the victim of your own opinions once you read the book.

You may get a little peak somewhere very special... but I can't tell you now.

Over all, it was a good and intertaining read for a rainy weekend and a late night. I wouldn't say it was an intire success, but Grant is trying to get somewhere with this.... I hope.
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Anna Summer I totaly agree with you about Sam. He's such a creap in this one!

message 3: by Lenin (new) - added it

Lenin I agree with most everything you say Summer. Although, and this may just be your point of view, there are places where people live by nicknames. It's not that is just trying to create a unique environment. There are small towns where that's all they do. I've met people whom only go by nicknames. This just makes it a bit more realistic. But that was just your opinion and this is mine.

message 2: by Summer (last edited May 24, 2010 08:42PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Summer Glad you guys liked it! I totally get your point with the nick naming. I have no idea but it's always bugged me when there's an accesive amount of nick names invovled instead of real names. That bit was totally based on personal oppion and you all make good points.

Sam did deserve a trantrum, and I do not blame him for that. I would of had a major melt down for a week straight. But got to admit, he's a bit of a creeper haha.

I do understand the POV jumping around. It's more of style issues with me. Again, it's just and opinion thing :)

And I'm hoping that Sanjit will go somewhere. It wasn't that I didn't like his character, it was just in this book I didn't see the point. He seemed like a pretty cool cat in fact. I liked the point you made Jillian, though I can't see him and Diana becoming involved quite in that way. I did like seeing that side of her come out more than in previous books. If he does become invovled with what's going on around Perdido Beach and more, I'll be satisfied.

Thanks for the comments guys! I love getting feed back on these kind of things.

Summer I totally agree. This is kind of the first time I've been getting comments. It's fun :)

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