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Revenge Served Cold by Jackie Fullerton
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Kathy Elliott is accused of running down and killing her husband while she was drunk.

Her husband, Elliott, had been at a restaurant with an old college friend, Ross Craig. Now Ross sees that Kathy has been drinking and thinks that it is because she really wanted to be with him. He comes to her home assuming she'll welcome him. When she learns his attentions, she orders him out.

Ross calls Kathy's old college roommate, Alice. Alice really has had a crush on Ross. She informs him the Kathy had gotten pregnant when she and Ross were dating and that she terminated the pregnancy, aborting his child. Now Ross becomes very angry, promising to make Kathy suffer.

The police think they have their suspect and don't continue to search for anyone else. Kathy turns to Anne Marshall for help.

Anne is a court reporter and law student. She is also an amateur sleuth. Her father was a respected attorney who had a heart attack and died two years ago. Now, he returns as a spirit who smells like old pipe tobacco. He is there to help Anne with her investigation and to protect her.

Other authors have used a spriit to help in an investigation, notably Charles Todd, so this idea is not new but it's still enjoyable.

Anne is in a study group at law school and the group seems more than willing to help her in her investigation. She is the star of the novel and reminds me of Evanovich's Stephanit Plumm. She's gutsy, intelligent, persistent and a delight to read.

Since the reader knows that Kathy is not guilty, there are only two possiblities. The author does a good job of keeping the reader guessing who the guilty person may be. A fun read and perfect for the beach.

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