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Lord Sunday by Garth Nix
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Dec 06, 2010

really liked it
Read in May, 2010 , read count: 1

** spoiler alert ** OH MY GOSH I cannot believe the ending to this book!

[This review does contain spoilers like whoah.]

Not in a bad way. I'm staggered by the ending, though. Staggered. It's totally unexpected and, while things come out (sort of) okay in many ways, it's terribly tragic in others. The author also does a good job not making every single thing follow neatly or tie up the way one expects. This adds a sense of realism - although also, as you might expect, some confusion.

Small but slightly twitch point: the last part of the Will, and Lord Sunday, both fail at telling Arthur important stuff (somewhat relative to their differing definitions of "important"). They try to, but they keep getting interrupted and stuff. Ka-fail. The power of plot compels you!

BUT, I mostly enjoyed the book. I felt it was a little slow to get started, and some of the writing a tad clunky, but once it grabbed me, it didn't let go. Following are the highlights of my reactions to this book. These showcase some of the unpredictability that I admired - and they are also chock full of spoilers, so if for SOME REASON you're STILL READING THIS REVIEW, and you haven't read the Keys to the Kingdom series yet and think you might do so sometime, stop reading the review now for the love of all that is awesome!

1. Wow, they nuked the hospital. I, uh, really didn't think they'd nuke the hospital. Where were Leaf's family when this happened again?

2. Arthur's transformation is pretty neat. GRAAR ARTHUR SMASH.

3. WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH the Will's been murdering the Trustees!

This is one of those excellent plot twists that jars you when you first read it, but then you go, "Of course!"

4. So THAT'S why the elephant's there. (I like Elephant in this book, but I do think it's a slight faltering that when it appears a couple of books back, there's kind of a, "whuh?" sense that didn't really leave until this one makes use of Elephant.)

5. I KNOW you did not just kill Suzy Turquoise Blue, you heartless bastard! I DREW FANART OF HER!

6. So the Architect . . . oh, then . . . that makes sense! Oh, wait, no it doesn't.

(Seriously, though: she had to do all that just to free the Old One? Wouldn't it maybe make more sense for Nix to have just said that the Architect couldn't destroy herself without destroying all her creation, and leave it at that? It's really kind of weird that she had to destroy all of everything to break bonds that, um, she created. And all.)

But still WHOAH MOTHER OF ALL PLOT TWISTS! (Possibly literally!)

7. So . . . Arthur and the New Architect . . . whoah. This is trippy. (Also, didn't the New Architect specifically say he wasn't going to split off a part of himself like the previous one had? Guess he just changed his mind?)

Even though it's POV-hopping, which happens sometimes in this book and annoys me a little, I really like the line where the New Architect tells Arthur he's mortal . . . and is lying.

Also OH SNAP Arthur's mother is dead! That's really sad!

*Delayed reaction after putting down book* Hey, most of the other dozens of named characters we've met at various times are also dead! Everyone in the House who wasn't on the Elysium! Is dead! I mean, none of these characters was very deeply characterized, but still!


I'm not actually sure whether the New Architect just said, "Wacky powers, remake everything that's in this book, but with these few changes, and make it snappy!" or whether he actually spent untold ages reforming things according to the snapshot saved in the Atlas. The new Arthur awakes thinking it's been just moments, but the new Arthur is wrong about a few other things, isn't he?

I am kind of amused by the not-really-resolution of my, "Will Suzy or Leaf become a romantic interest for Arthur?" question. Neither of them does within the book. This might just be because they kind of don't have enough time together to manage it, but I still sort of appreciate that Nix doesn't toss in an obligatory hero-gets-the-girl at the end somewhere. Though it cracks me up that Arthur will go back to Earth with Leaf (where he will presumably live out his life until the day when the New Architect deems the time right to tell him that he can't die?) while the New Architect, having taken the form of a twenty-one-year-old Arthur, will now be fixing up a brand-new House with the assistance of *cue wacky powers* twenty-one-year-old Suzy!

It does make me think that Lord Sunday, during the MORE THAN TWELVE HOURS he has Arthur imprisoned, some of which he spends scolding Arthur, could have explained things. Heck, even if he'd made a just slightly more generous offer to Arthur re: saving the Universe, Arthur might have actually accepted. Maybe Lord Sunday could just have said, "Look, for now, let's fight off the Piper and the Nothing together, and then I'll be happy to give you the Seventh Key after you and I have a little chat about the motives of the Will and the Architect." I don't know, SOMETHING.


I wonder, too, whether some of the events of this book were actually a result of things unplanned by Mister Nix. He may have dug himself into some holes that didn't have neat, tidy ways out. Either way, I think it works quite well.

I'd probably give the book five stars if the writing were a little better. Otherwise, good stuff.
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i know, were on the same page here...
so basically everyone died in the end! that's the best ending ever, and the main character got to keep his powers (which i was highly doubting he would) the whole story i was thinking, "he is inheriting the architects job right? because of the wording of the will?" but i though it would just end up being a mistake that nix skips over, NO! he actually becomes the architect!

i completely agree with everything you just said, and i kinda wish i took more time on the series rather than the four days i spent listening to the audio books (i really like audio books because then i can be drawing the characters, or working on other things while i listen)(also, they are avalible online, so i don't have to place them on hold at the library)

message 2: by Nic (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nic Erica wrote: "*SPOILER ALERT*

i know, were on the same page here...
so basically everyone died in the end! that's the best ending ever, and the main character got to keep his powers (which i was highly doubting..."

Ooh, cool, audiobooks! I draw while listening to audiobooks, too, though I haven't heard the ones of this series. Are your pictures of the characters up online anywhere?

Erica no, i didn't drew any this time unfortunately, i was working on other projects at the time. i had tried to draw the parts of the will, Mondays dusk and Arthur, but i only halfway finished... do you have a deviantart account? or somewhere you post your art? (mine is cornflake52)

Erica hmm, some spelling errors there... and I didn't capitalize anything... ops

message 5: by Nic (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nic Yep, I'm on deviantART! My ID is Treacle-Miner.

Erica cool! I'll look at your work

message 7: by Nic (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nic Erica wrote: "cool! I'll look at your work"

Thanks! I friended you on the site, so I'll see yours, too.

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