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A Little Bit Wild by Victoria Dahl
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Now, I don't normally like non-virgin heroines in my historicals. It's a horrible double-standard, I know, since I really don't care for virgin females in my contemporary novels, but I typically read historical novels because the heroine is inexperienced.

Marissa is Lusty. That's right, with a capital L. :) She comes from a fairly "wild" family, and is considered the "tame" one, but just because she's not as wild as the rest of them, doesn't mean she's some wilting flower. Marissa likes pretty things -- pretty horses, pretty dresses, and of course, pretty men. In her immaturity, she hasn't yet accepted society's double standards for women -- that women must remain chaste and pure and must be "convinced" to engage in sensual behavior, while men are celebrated for their whoring behaviors... Unfortunately, this is also her downfall -- being slightly tipsy, she allows one of her pretty-boy suitors to seduce her, and in giving up her virginity (in a most decidedly un-inspiring experience), she also forfeit any freedom and future she might have had.

Some readers have complained about her immaturity, and yes, she annoyed the p*ss out of me on many occasions. BUT (and it's a big "but"), she matures over the course of the book from a foolish and impulsive girl into a woman, and not just in the sexual way.

Jude was the acknowledged bastard son of a Duke (and his French courtesan lover), and was therefore highly respected and accepted into society. However, even his friends constantly remind him, however unthinkingly, over his humble origins, and even though he was nowhere near as foolish or immature as Marissa was at the beginning of the novel, over the course of the book he starts to mature as well.. He begins to accept the fact that he's worth more than he and the world have previously thought.

The love scenes were hot (once you got past the fact that Marissa wasn't a missish virgin as is typical with this type of story lol), and I am most definitely looking forward to more novels in this series (though I'm not sure which brother I want to hear about first!)

4 1/2 Stars
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