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Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card
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May 18, 10

Read from May 05 to 18, 2010

** spoiler alert ** This is the third book in the Shadow series that follows Bean, rather than Ender after Ender's Game. I didn't have a lot of hope on this one going in since I thought the Shadow of the Hegemon was not as good as it could have been. But this one really amped up the action and I found myself continually enjoying it.

Peter Wiggin is Hegemon in this book and makes one serious critical blunder based on his belief that he is smarter than everyone else. But he is smart enough to recognize his error before it is too late. Yet you can still see the undercurrent of his vicious cunning just beyond his actions.

Meanwhile Bean and Petra are forced to flee from the Hegemon compound as Bean has to deal with the fact that he could potentially die soon due to his genetic makeup. Bean of course is able to outsmart everyone but not in expected ways.

An unexpected but rather interesting appearance from Alai occurs here and pretty much makes the whole book for me. Virlomi from the last book who helped to liberate Thailand for a while also shows up to stir up some trouble in India. And Suri plays an essential role that made me cheer at the end.

Also the annoying Achilles issues that I didn't like in the last book were either missing or resolved in this one.

I think the only drawback to the book is that I don't really see where the next one is going.

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