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The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti
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It's amazing really, what some people will fall for. Mr. Sensitive, the competitive jerk, the control freak, or the "dirty, rotten, liar" in the words of Dorothy Hoffman, Quinn's grandmother. Sometimes though, you never know about your mistake until you really get to know that person. In The Secret Life of Prince Charming, Quinn explores the world of not-so-perfect men, choices, and the complications of, well, someone who is NOT prince charming and someone who is.
This is my first Caletti book. I know, there must always be a "first" for everything, but I'm very sorry I didn't read one sooner. No, wait. If I had, I wouldn't have enjoyed this one so much! It was fun, had a creative plot, and a colorful set of characters––especially Quinn–– that made me really loved reading this book. It was a breath of fresh air from me to read a novel for teens that had some sort of maturity, a guideline, or a message told to you by someone with experience on this subject. And in a way, it was.
I really liked the way Caletti presented the story. Many people would dramatize it by making the adults shallow as possible, thrown in all kinds of so-called "average teenage stuff", and pull the normal "this is how a love story is" plot. Because of this, I am very hesitant when picking up books about "love stories" among teenagers because everything has gotten to be too cliche. Not so in Prince Charming; every bit of it was original, and even though you might suspect a few things to happen with Quinn, it was exciting to watch her discovery and her adventure unfold all while knowing that there is a good chance of a happy ending.
Another key concept to Caletti's writing with Prince Charming (and maybe in her other books as well) is humor. Realistic, everyday, family humor. Love that. It really makes the characters personalities go far. While showing you characters you could only wish you knew (like Quinn), you also meet some characters that make you cringe, like Berry, Quinn's father, the exotic, smooth-talking casanova that many women (too many) have fallen for. Again, very neat set of characters.

Overall, The Secret Life of Prince Charming was a fantastic story that teen girls would enjoy and appreciate the message of finding a real Prince Charming Caletti. Highly recommend to teens ages fourteen and up.
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|Content: Some language and family drama;
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