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Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler
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May 02, 2010

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** spoiler alert ** I was truly excited to read this book at first because the beginning was so good. As the book went on I was looking for answers but I only became more confused. I wanted for it to have a good ending, but it didn't come!! I could not believe the ending because it answered nothing and I was so mad. I wasted my time for nothing.
A few things I did not understand (and by few I mean a lot):
1. Why does he not have any genitals?
2. Why does he have those powers?
3. Why was he following Angelica around?
4. What did the snow-pipe thing have to do with anything?
5. What was with all the glowing and heat?
6. He had been around for at least two years already and he contacted Dusty only then? And why choose her in the first place?
7. Why did the van turn into a cloud, then a bird, and then a rock and then at the end the van was found underwater and footsteps were coming out of the lake? How does that even make sense? Was Dusty imagining it?
8. The boy seemed normal at times but other times he was so weird. Why?
9. Why doesn't he show up in pictures?
10. What happened to the boy at the end? Where did he go?
11. What is he??? Who is he??? Why is he there???

I give this book three stars because it was going great up until the part where the mob gathers at Dusty's house. That's where I decided that it was over. The kid was ready to die or whatever he was planning to do without providing any explanations. Had Bowler given us at least some answers I would have given this novel a 4 or a 5, but no, he decided that it was better to leave us with a bunch of confusing events.
Seriously, though, I didn't understand it!!
If ANYONE has any answers to the above questions then please tell me because I am just so confused and disappointed.
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Karl Really good questions, I agree with this post so much. I loved the book but like you, I wanted answers. The build up of suspense was great but there was no climax? However, I think I can answer some of your questions.
In own personal opinion, I figured the boy was the spirit of Josh. That's why in the end he landed on Josh's body. Also Josh was the one who raped Angelica and probably the other girl too- which is probably why his spirit (the snow boy) was following them around - you know all this superstition that a ghost won't leave this realm if something Is holding it back or whatever. Hope my perception helps At all

Alana Eastwood Those are all really good questions, but my answer is because the boy himself is more figurative. He has a meaning and he has to be viewed as that for you to understand the concept. The boy was never meant to have a name in the first place, and his question of existing is a mystery to himself, since he knows no time, whether he is living or not, etc. To understand the book better, you have to view everything with a non-logical sense, because it doesn't make sense on the surface. It's more in depth than you'd think. All the things he says that are brought up other times later in the book have meaning. In the end, the boy would have preferred if she went home and lived with her mysteries, but she didn't. And because of that Josh fell from Dusty's pedestal she had placed him on. He had done thinks darker than she thought, she used the good thought of him to try and fill the void of why he had left. Once reality of what he's done set in , she's left with a gaping, empty feeling. Hope this helps, I'm not to sure of it myself but it sounded like an interesting thought about it.

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