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Knightley Academy by Violet Haberdasher
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Henry Grim, 14, was a servant at the exclusive Midsummer School up until recently. When one of the Midsummer professors caught him borrowing textbooks, he decided to tutor him instead of reporting him to school administrators for theft. Henry Grim then became one of the most promising students Midsummer School never had the privilege of teaching! Encouraged by his tutor to take the entrance exams for Knightley Academy, Henry became the first commoner ever to be accepted as a student. His acceptance paves the way for 2 other unique first years – Adam (who is Jewish), and Rohan (who is of East Indian descent) – who become his roommates and best friends. While the boys study chivalry, military history, medicine, fencing, languages and other disciplines related to knighthood, they must put up with their classmates ridicule and scorn. As the pranks played on them become more serious, however, the boys begin to suspect that someone else is behind them – someone who will do anything (even committing murder) to get them out of Knightley. Will Henry be able to survive the year without landing in an early grave?

This was reminiscent of Harry Potter – but, without the magic.* It’s set in modern times in a world that’s similar to ours (there are different countries/cities, but races and religions are the same). Modern knights are more like police, or detectives, or doctors (depending on their specialties). The characters will easily win readers’ hearts, and a sequel is almost certainly in the works (war with the Nordlands is inevitable). I’m quite looking forward to more from Violet Haberdasher.

* Harry Potter parallels:
Henry = Harry Potter
Adam = Ron Weasley
Rohan & Frankie = Hermione (Rohan doesn’t like to break rules, but will if there’s a good cause, and Frankie is ‘the girl’ – she’s fearless, but more of a tomboy than Hermione)
Lord Havelock = Professor Snape (hates the commoner students and wants them gone)
Valmont = Draco Malfoy (also from Midsummer School – failed the exam, but is Lord Havelock’s nephew and is somehow accepted at Knightley anyway – hates Henry with a misguided passion, but they gradually begin to understand one another, which is possibly a bit more realistic than Harry/Malfoy’s relationship)
Knightley Academy = Hogwarts (both boarding schools)
Professor Stratford = Hagrid/Dumbledore (Professor Stratford is the one who looks out for Henry and wants the best for him)

The big evil they all face is the Nordlands, which may be key in bringing the Knightley students together.
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Alex Bennett It's actually based in the Victorian era. The author (Robyn Schneider) wrote an article in the Huffington Post regarding it's similarities to HP.

Arminzerella Really? Victorian? There were all kinds of place names (at least as far as my pathetic little memory can recall) that didn't seem familiar to me, so I figured it was one of those similar-to-but-not-quite-our-world/time books. I wasn't quite able to suss out the time during which it took place. Thanks! I also hadn't done any research into the origins of "Violet Haberdasher" - was pretty sure it was a pseudonym, but liked it so much! :)

Jesson Lagman henry actually got hermione's brain :D and adam and frankie are like ron and ginny weasly in some ways :D

Melissa Bahaha I was just about to write a review exactly like this....While reading it I couldn't help but be reminded of Harry Potter. Infact, it was Harry Potter but with knights instead of wizards. -sigh-

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