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Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
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Sep 28, 12

bookshelves: did-not-finish, bea-beauties, arc
Read from May 29 to December 11, 2010

Reason(s) for DNF:
-Shay's character rubbed off on me the wrong way. Though I've only read 119 pages, I did not see what made him so alluring to Calla.
-Did not enjoy how Calla seemingly dropped everything for a random human. It might have worked if Shay left more of an impact on me.
-Did not like how the love triangle felt forced. Again, going back to how I disliked Shay's character. (I'm sensing a theme here...)

Despite my distaste for a character or two, Andrea deserves credit. Why? Because I thought her writing was solid. Had Shay not annoyed me so much, I would have continued since it was so easy to become absorbed in the story.

Perhaps when the next two books in this trilogy come out I'll give this series another shot. I WOULD like to know what happens with Ren because, despite my inability to continue with NIGHTSHADE at the moment, I adore him.
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10/06/2010 page 119
26.0% "I. strongly. dislike. Shay. If Calla & Ren aren't together by the end of this trilogy, I'm going to kick something."

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Lena ♫ ♪ SQUEE!! Don't ya love it? :)

Elizabeth *Swords for Fighting* I loved this book!

Laura's Book Addiction i love ren 2 and really didnt like shay at all

message 4: by Torzilla (last edited Oct 22, 2010 03:28PM) (new) - added it

Torzilla I've been having issues continuing this book because of Shay (I skipped to see what would happen in the end... whoops)

Casey (The Bookish Type) What don't you like about Shay?

message 6: by Karen (new)

Karen Hehe - you and my DH kicking things!

message 7: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla He sucks in comparison to Ren, who came off as more genuine thus far. Then again, I haven't read far enough to make a decision about his character, but from what I've seen so far, he falls flat. He's boring. There's nothing alluring about him that I think should appeal to Calla. Should I go on? :P

message 8: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla You trained your hubby well, Karen ;)

Casey (The Bookish Type) Lol fair enough. I was just curious :) I think I just preferred him to Ren because Ren's jerkier tendencies got under my skin.

message 10: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla Hehe, to each his (or her) own :)

message 11: by Karen (new)

Karen Kevin is dying for you to finish this book! He may harass you at BEA next year. Now he knows how I feel when I'm pissed about a book with no one to talk to....lmao

message 12: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla LOL! Harass me to talk about this book?

And aww, the poor thing. Tell him I have midterms this week and that I'll hopefully get to the book sometime next weekend.

Once I finish 10 WAYS TO BE ADORED WHEN LANDING A LORD I'm starting PEGASUS and then I'll get to this one...

....maybe. ;)

message 13: by Jamie (new) - added it

Jamie Are u enjoying it? would u recommend it ? i am pissed because i have too many books to read can't decide lol for once someone goes for the second guy :D

message 14: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla From what I've read so far... Yes and no (about the recommending it). The writing is great. Calla is an interesting character. The premise is truly unique, and there is sexual tension up the wazoo. Plus Ren is a sexy beast.

My problems with this book thus far: I neither like Shay nor the ending. And not because it's a cliffhanger -- yes, I was a jerk and skipped to the last chapter. I don't care about cliffhangers... I'm just tired of the heroine dropping everything in her life for the new guy in YAs.

I'll get to it eventually, but it's another seemingly typical YA love triangle. If you're sick of those, I suggest you avoid this book until you've regained a bit of sanity. Otherwise if you love love triangles? You'll probably adore this book like the masses.

message 15: by Gaby (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gaby I thought I was the only one not liking Shay!!! Doesn't he seems kind of boring??

#I'm just tired of the heroine dropping everything in her life for the new guy in YAs.# Me too...

message 16: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla I still haven't picked up this book since I wrote my update a while back. There's just something about Shay -- and knowing the outcome of this book -- that COMPLETELY turns me away from this novel and series...

And yes, he seems incredibly boring. Have you seen the review on Dear Author? The reviewer hated Shay too, and thought he was a horrible match for Calla.

message 17: by Jamie (new) - added it

Jamie That's ok i like the drama love trianglecreate at least there's a strong female heroine :D

message 18: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla Karen, tell your hubby I had to throw in the towel :(

message 19: by Torzilla (last edited Dec 17, 2010 11:29AM) (new) - added it

Torzilla He might not have been, but for the amount I read, he came off as plain and boring :P

And also, I didn't want them together because of the Keepers. I thought they had better chemistry.

Lexie ::agrees with Tori 100%::

I'm so happy I'm not the only one with issues regarding Calla + Shay, and Shay just being...milquetoast.

message 21: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy Hi Tori,

I agree with you on all your points. I just finished this book, and I must say, I really don't like Shay either. I thought he was manipulative, and Ren was more genuine. The love triangle did feel forced: like, oh here's a human boy, a forbidden love, so she must instantly be drawn to him LOL.

message 22: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla Lexie, I think a lot of people aren't too crazy about Shay in general. There are just as many people who dislike Ren and claim he's abusive. Dunno what scene that is, but eh...

Amy, hey there! I've been hearing a lot of people saying how pushy and manipulative Shay was. Glad to know I'm not the only one who felt the love triangle was too superficial. Must admit, I'm getting tired of love triangles like this. "Oh, he's human and it's forbidden... I MUST BE WITH HIM!" Not everyone is tempted by the forbidden love as a teen. It'd be nice to read a story about that sort of character for once.

Oh okay! Sorry, I guess I misread your comment :) Those are fair thoughts. I don't think I'm 100% qualified to make lots of commentary because yeah... I haven't read the entire story. But like I said, I was unimpressed with what I read thus far. I'm thinking this series will be one I need to read when all three books are out.

Lexie o.o how is Ren abusive? Shay was emotionally abusive, if you count all the emotional manipulation he tried and I'd venture into mentally abusive, at least where he tries to belittle Calla's culture and status as an alpha.

I just don't understand folks (though I have a feeling a lot of the people I talked with who liked Shay, liked him 'cause of the cute guy that played him in the viral feeds).

message 24: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla I honestly have no idea. Some cave scene with Ren?

I couldn't watch the viral feeds lol. I didn't find that guy attractive and I thought it was so dorky :X

message 25: by Angela (new) - added it

Angela I have to agree. I did not like Shay. I did not finish the book either, because Calla's selection of Shay frustrated me.

message 26: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla Angela, I feel like a bunch of people aren't going to finish NIGHTSHADE because of that decision lol. And I know a few are holding off on reading it until the entire trilogy is out (to save themselves from a few years of frustration).

Julia Glad to know people same the same thought as me. Shay is ridiculous, and if you ask me, this book is wayyy to lust filled. I got to the last quarter, and that part with the spider happened ((WTF CALLA? WTF!)) and I threw the book at the wall. NO ONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK! And what's with the overall score of 4.14? Ridiculous

Annie Well, I'll admit that I didn't really love Shay's character in the beginning too, but the Nightshade series is still my favorite trilogy, even if I was rooting for Ren the whole time. It's a good read! I loved the series (including the prequels)

message 29: by Torzilla (new) - added it

Torzilla To each his/her own, lol.

Georgia Barker Oh thankgod, I finished the book and was like I don't like Shay what even is so good about him and I talked to one of my friends and she was like yeah I love him and I was like how. It's nice to see that there is someone else who disliked him.

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