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Under the Dome by Stephen King
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Jun 16, 2012

it was amazing
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I bought this awesome hunk of a story when it first came out but didn’t plan on reading it right away, somehow time flew and here I was three years later still unaffected by the Dome. Maybe it was the size of it that made me think of one thing, Picasso's Guernica which is one of my favorite pieces of art and one of the largest I have ever seen, funny enough the meaning of that painting can be compared to this story, the suffering of the innocent in war like conditions. So one night I let my computer pick a random title from my list and it selected Under the Dome, I glanced at the clock and wondered if eleven p.m. was too late to start this project but I decided to read a few pages, six pages and I might read something else, something small and easy… well two chapters later there was no going back, I was instantly drawn and whether I liked it or not I was part of Chester’s Mill until I got to the last page. Gripping, shocking ( but not surprising considering human history) and fast moving the story became a part of my life for the time I read it, it formed a bond with me beyond that paper pages, it felt real even though some of it was truly otherworldly and as much as I enjoyed reading it I couldn’t wait to find out how it would end.

The Dome itself is a tool to magnify and speed up what is inside of us in a form of a clear and non-penetrable shield that drops out of the clear blue sky and severs anything in its way; trees, animals and people. Planes and cars crash into it ( or as King calls it a Viking Funeral) until it slowly becomes polluted and defined by a trail of dead animals along its perimeter. Chester’s Mill is a small town where everyone pretty much knows everyone else, or so they think. Sides start to form, youth with a bad track record is promoted as extra Police force, and propane tanks are missing as a bigger picture starts to emerge. This isn’t just a peaceful town; it has been used and abused all in good faith by one of the vilest and most evil characters that King has ever written. Cut off from the rest of the world by an invisible barrier made people fearful, and fearful people needed a strong leader, unfortunately the worst thing that could have happened to them was the one man who stepped up to the job. His reign over the town was long and torturous and quite aggravating to read about as he continued to do some of the most outrageous stuff ever pulled in such a short amount of time, he made my blood boil but it made for a good reading. I was anxious to find the reason and solution of the Dome but in truth the Dome itself wasn’t the main character, just a vehicle for the story, luckily the reader does get some answers and might shed a tear or two in the end.

This might not be for everyone, sure some will sneer at it, so much easier to critique a big story than to write your own but I loved it and was blown away by the ending, pure insanity but good to the last letter.

- Kasia S.

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Okie .. here we go!"
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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark Woooooooooooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Kasia Wooah wut? :P

message 3: by Mark (new)


Kasia Its on my Nook, feels like a sliver of heaven! Puffy cloud included... its funny, I let Calibre pick a random book last night, had to go three rounds ( kept picking series books and I all ready have so many going) and it picked this sucker, so I thought why not.. I read 6 pages and thought I'd sleep on it, read a few more over coffee and pondered it while I ran out to get some dry cat food.. lo and behold I'm reading it!

message 5: by Mark (new)

Mark That makes it a lot more manageable! :) Bet the hardback for Dome weighs a ton!

That's a good idea, too. You've used Calibre to pick books several times, no? I never remember to use that feature. Which, lol, I empty it out after loading books to the e-reader, so it's usually barren. Prolly wouldn't be much of a surprise when there are only two or three books in the queue! :D

Kasia That's how I got to read Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice (luckily I read Lestat book #2 in High School) the third in the vamp series.. i still have to read the 1st but I saw the movie so reading the third one wasn't so outlandish, and it was wonderful, one of the best reads that year! Calibre can pick some goodies, don't be shy next time to try it.

message 7: by Mark (new)

Mark I've been wanting to read Interview :D Forget how it came up, but we've discussed it around the house lately. It's become such an iconic book, I'm curious to see how it's put together, if it's a lot like the movie or departs in some places. And, of course, Lestat, too. I knew about it before Interview, actually. A Motley Crue promo poster when I was in 5th grade had the bass player holding a copy and grinning devilishly :D or should I say :>> :P

message 8: by Mark (new)

Mark Viking funeral? Now that sounds tempting!

Kasia Viking Funeral - aka - a large truck w lumber wood crushing into the invisible Dome!

message 10: by Mark (new)

Mark They shall overcome...with a Mac truck!

Kasia So far zey are skrewed

message 12: by Mark (new)

Mark Kasia wrote: "So far zey are skrewed"

What keeps in interesting and your eyes glued to the page ;) Of course, not literally glued. Because that would sting a lot. And there's the demulsifier. And the flammability. And general odor. So it's best not to think about it and just keep reading :P

message 13: by Mark (new)

Mark Easin on down this road :) Hope weekend's going nice. and. slow!

message 14: by Mark (new)

Mark Wow, already a third done!

message 15: by Mark (new)

Mark Wow, almost HALF done! :D

Kasia Yes sir.. this one sucks you in, very hard to put down!

message 17: by Mark (new)

Mark Except if you're reading the hardback, in which the weight alone might make it a TAD easier to put down HAHAHA

message 18: by Kasia (last edited May 19, 2012 08:02PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kasia smarty pants

message 19: by Mark (new)

Mark I get that a lot lately :D

message 20: by Mark (new)

Mark If ONLY it was longer!

Kasia Not from girls I hope

message 22: by Mark (new)

Mark Ere you innuendoing? :P :D Pages, wordcount, Kasia-pooh!

Kasia Well it sounded like that haha, sorry couldn't help myself ... Especially after all the facebook yeti assaults you're getting

message 24: by Mark (new)

Mark Whew, thankfully that's died down! It's time to seal off Facebook, protect the yeti in its natural environment.

People of the world, let the yeti roam free (far far away from me)!

Kasia You and I always seem prone to Some sort if Yeti wrath! What gives ?

message 26: by Mark (new)

Mark We're too nice and we believe. For we have seen deep into the eye of the yeti wretchedness! :D Speakin of, I gotta find that Berkley horror novel you told me about. It was published in 2004 and was about a bigfoot like entity. Had my hands on it a couple weeks ago, but what did I do with it?? Have to play like Pooh-bear a minute, "Think, think, think...."


Kasia I adore pooh... he's one of my dad's favorites too! He's enjoying Calvin and Hobbess now as well, gotta get to it!

message 28: by Mark (new)

Mark Isn't he the cuddliest? He was always a favorite, from the earliest days I can remember. I love how your Dad loves Pooh Bear, and couples it with a rich adoration of Conan and his brawny brethren. :)

Aww, Calvin and Hobbes. Is he reading from the beginning, forward? Hope ever'body back home is doing well!

message 29: by Mark (new)

Mark You're so close!! Next, try The Stand and we can compare notes!

Kasia Another long one? Then I will read 12 books a year lol! I rally do truly want to read The Stand, my little new copy I got last time I was at the B&N they closed :(

message 31: by Mark (new)

Mark All about quality, hehe. Although, I had some problems with The Stand, so maybe its not ::exactly:: about quality reads :P I got one for ya! If you do feel like another long, involved one (sometime, not necessarilly now or soon), try Bonfire of the Vanities. It was crazy, funny, morbid, political, absurd, real. It had everything!

Kasia Oh hush, I dont need a quality lesson :P

Wolfe huh, adding to my TBR... books are like food, even I couldn't eat mac n cheese every day, its not the # of pages per say, they just take so much more out of ya.

message 33: by Mark (new)

Mark Allow me to quote that illustrious American, Mitt Romney (I think I just vomited a little - that's not how it was supposed to go!!!), "Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander." :P

I was reading it this time last year, mired kneedeep in it. Keeps you entertained. And it's all about NYC in the 1980s. It can be a wooly bear sometimes but it's so good! It's not one you'd wanna eat everyday, but compare it to a triple-decker layer cake of yumyum

Becca Wilson This book is so good! I have the hard-cover version, and it does make it a bit more difficult, but its enjoyable all the same

Kasia Becca wrote: "This book is so good! I have the hard-cover version, and it does make it a bit more difficult, but its enjoyable all the same"

Hi Becca, thank you for accepting my friendship! I read most of The Dome on my nook but I have a hard copy at mom' house, I got to read it for a bit last week, boy was it huge, felt crazy in my hands :)

Becca Wilson Yeah I know the feeling! Is it your first Steven King book?

Kasia From looking at my count on GR, it's my 12th! Yippe on to more haha

message 38: by Mark (new)

Mark Congrats!!! It was a trek! But a tasty one, hehe

Kasia Mark wrote: "Congrats!!! It was a trek! But a tasty one, hehe"

I'm ready for more!

message 40: by Mark (new)

Mark We still on for ta-tata-ta! Game of Thrones? That'll be a trek!

Kasia Yes sir!!! cant wait

message 42: by Mark (new)

Mark So easy to poopoo as opposed to create ;) This was so good! Now I vanna read it! Sounds like it has bits of The Stand intermingled with new ideas and scenes!

Kasia Mark wrote: "So easy to poopoo as opposed to create ;) This was so good! Now I vanna read it! Sounds like it has bits of The Stand intermingled with new ideas and scenes!"

haha, nice one! Read it, I'm super curious to what your take on this will be! It's not Pynchon, it reads pretty fast.

message 44: by Mark (new)

Mark No cancan ladies played by men in drag, performing intricate tapdance numbers? Phooey! :P ;) Sounds like a nice anecdote!

Kasia I had to shake my head and eyeballs ,,,.. whaaaa? haha

Just read it, you have a soft spot for long brain gymnastics books, this will be a summer breeze on your face in comparison!

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