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Doo-Wop the Forgotten Third of Rock 'n Roll by Anthony J. Gribin
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Jun 14, 13

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The intro. I see you walk with another. C to G. Sixteen candles, or maybe fifteen. I ask the stars up above. I count the stars. The stars which are tears. I cheated, she lied. I visualise your face as I pass across my threshhold. She left him for another. How was she to know. He was such a fool. Such duplicitousness, and in one so young. I look for you in every face I see. It's never different. But it's never the same. I wish it could be me. You know what's going to happen. I was born too late. Could there be magic? There will be magic. Is this magic? This is magic. They say we're too young. Your lips. But how can they know. We're not too young. We may be now, but we weren't then. D follows the G. Every day I ask the stars up above. The saxophone break. Every night. You see me walk with another. I will walk you home. There could never be another. We will be married when we are married. The saxophone solo. The hearts of stone. The pledge of a fool. The bells in the rain. I ran all the way home. I was spellbound by the moon. I was captured by your charms. Then back to C. The stars are always out tonight. There were two silhouettes on the shade. How I'd like to look. Inside that little book. O how happy we should be. How blind can she be? If we could keep the ten commandments of love. The chorus, the hook line. The one that has a lock and key. If we keep the ten commandments. He I she looks out from his her our lonely window. On mine. I will always feel this way. The piano, oh darling, the snare. I look out from my lonely window. She will never forgive him. I will never love another. Tonight won't be like any other night. Tonight will be the night. The G chord. By your charms. The big finish. The stars up above. The high note. Then silence.
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message 1: by C. (new)

C. I'd say you're definitely right about ballet genre.

Paul What are the cliches there? Presumably there's no saxophone solo and the gun isn't in the glove compartment.

message 3: by C. (new)

C. At least one unhealthily skinny girl in a diaphanous white tutu (the more girls the better, but you get to choose the length). Boys who get all the good bits, though they have to be wearing crazy skin tight leggings. Either a woodcutter or a prince. Magic is good too.

Matthew Bourne did a very funny parody of the traditional romantic ballet in his version of Swan Lake. If you don't like traditional classical ballet (hell, even if you do), that's a great one to see, if only for the corgi gags.

message 4: by Bruce (new)

Bruce Hi, Paul. Goodreads friend Trevor tipped me off to your reviews. This one was a spectacular read, like beat poetry. If anyone ever sets and performs it in a doo wop arrangement, I want to know!

But how was the book?

Paul Thanks - hey, the book was like crazy completist overkill, I loved it.

message 6: by Mariel (new)

Mariel Doo whopitty freaking do this is a great review.

Paul I was in the middle of rewriting this!! try it again, it's better now!

message 8: by Mariel (new)

Mariel Nah, didn't feel it that time. (I'm kidding!) (And I'm always the chick who shows up for sound check with your reviews, it seems.)

message 9: by Ian (new)

Ian Paganus How do you doo wop you do to me?

message 10: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Fantastic review, Paul! If this was the book - I'd buy it! lol
£75.78 on amazon, ah shades of blue, shades of blue.

message 11: by Paul (new) - rated it 4 stars

Paul thanks Sandy - this is one of my very favourite of my own reviews...(normally I'm so modest, cough cough) - here's one of the songs I quote from

message 12: by Sandy (new)

Sandy You're welcome, and thanks for the link and the smile. :-) Great song.

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