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Postern of Fate by Agatha Christie
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Dec 07, 2007

did not like it
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A very tedious, dull and disappointing finale for the Tommy and Tuppence series. Not even sure why she wrote it--and I rather wish I had not wasted my time reading it...
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message 1: by Qt (new)

Qt That's too bad this one wasn't better, as the Tommy and Tuppence books I read were so delightful.
I'm thinking of reading another Agatha Christie, and there are several at the library; what would you recommend? Is there another Tommy/Tuppence one I could try?

Kathryn Oooh! What fun to recommend more Agatha Christie books to you! :-> I blush to admit that I cannot remember which of the Tommy & Tuppence books you've read. The best is "The Secret Adversary" (which you've read, of course!) though the collection of short mysteries, "Partners in Crime" is also pleasant. Annie and I also loved "N or M." I'd recommend stopping with T&T after that one, as the second-to-last is not that great and this last is, obviously, dismal.

Did you read "The Man in the Brown Suit" yet? (Pardon my terrible memory!) I absolutely LOVE that one! The exotic local is great, I like our heroine, and one of the characters is just so swoonily fantastic! I know you read "Destination Unknown." Um, "The Seven Dials Mystery" was the first that Annie and I read, and that one was quite good, too (another with a cast populated mostly by 20-something rich kids with delightfully British vocabularies who go around calling one another Boots and Mittens and the like! I do so love that bunch!) Also, "And Then There Were None" is a total classic and, while not at all "fun" like some of the others, it's well worth reading for the mystery. I hope this helps! :-> Have fun!!!

message 3: by Qt (new)

Qt Thanks! Yep, I did read "Secret Adversary," and also "By the Pricking of my Thumbs" and those are the only T&T ones so far. I haven't read any of the others you mentioned, so I'll see what I can find. I'm pretty sure the library has some of those.

Kathryn Oh, yes! Didn't we send you Pricking/Thumbs before we read it (we somehow had an extra copy!) and we didn't know that it wasn't going to be a favorite!? Well, if you look for more, "Partners in Crime" is when T&T are still young and they have their sleuthing agency--but it's more unconnected little mysteries than one that goes through the whole novel. "N or M" is when they are in their 40s, I believe (so a bit of a shock from picturing them as young things!) but is amusing and a good, novel-length mystery.

Have fun with whatever you decide to read! :->

message 5: by Qt (new)

Qt OK, thanks! Both the other T&T's sound fun, and I think I'll be in the mood for a mystery after I finish "Wings" so I'll keep you posted (of course :-) that's easy to do on Good Reads!)

message 6: by Ann (new) - rated it 1 star

Ann Katie chose some excellent Christie books, IMO. I hope you like whichever one you select, Q!:)

message 7: by X (new)

X It is too bad that the last book in the series wasn't very good!
Which one do you think you'll read, Q?

Debra I'm in the middle & am giving it a rest. Maybe I'll finish it or not. It's a shame, cause T&T are my favorite characters (til this book). She should of finished the series with the last book, instead of trying to force this one.

Krisz She wrote it because she had to - she was pushed by the publisher and relatives. It was edited by her husband and secretary but still it has its faults. If I could write such thing when I'm 76, I'd be jumping for joy!

Kathryn Oh, that is sad she was pushed into writing it :-( I still have a very high regard for her works as a whole, this one just felt so lacking, maybe because her heart wasn't really in it. Thank you for the info.

Kathryn Oh, that is sad she was pushed into writing it :-( I still have a very high regard for her works as a whole, this one just felt so lacking, maybe because her heart wasn't really in it. Thank you for the info.

message 12: by Ayny (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ayny it was one of her last books.

Prashant Dhameja Agreed. I expected way more after tommy and tuppence #4 but this turned out pretty okay by her.

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