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Sorcerers & Secretaries, Volume 1 by Amy Kim Kibuishi
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Quick rundown-
Light, fluffy left-to-right manga about a writer/college student, her former neighbor, and the story she's writing and dreaming.
- EVERYTHING. It was adorable. Utterly adorable.
- Particularly Josh's 'NICOLE!' face. So cute. I loved his little-kid enthusiasm.
- Artz be pretty.
Random comparison: This duet is to manga/graphic novels as Owl City is to music: Light, fun, and sometimes a guilty pleasure.

- Only two volumes? Very sad, this.

Longer version-
After reading FMA 1-14 in the school library, I've kind of adopted the chair next to the manga shelf as my designated work space. So on Thursday, I spent my off period there. When I decided to take a break from history outlines, I decided to look for something to read- I've stopped taking books to school this year- and naturally I turned to the shelf right next to me. I found The Dreaming there, which was pretty good, and of course, FMA. I picked up Sorcerers and Secretaries because I'd seen it before at the public library and it looked interesting- not something I could justify checking out at the time, but interesting nonetheless. As graphic novels do, it took me about half an hour- but it was a really fun half hour!
It's a really cute story, I must say. Nicole is someone I can identify with- struggling to balance work, school, and writing, totally clueless when it comes to real-life romance, and very shy. As a result, it was pretty easy for me to fall into her world. It helps that I liked her story-world just as much as her real world.
I think what I appreciated most about this was that, while Ganter clearly has the imagination to make a manga out of Ellon's story, she wove it nicely into Nicole's life instead, which I think gives both tales more depth.
This is a fairy tale kind of story, and it reminded me why everyone loves fairy tales: we like being able to believe in that perfectly wonderful happy ending. While my cynical side usually rules my brain, these two graphic novels managed to chase it away for a while, which I appreciated.
I'm already planning to buy this. School library only has Volume 1, and I want to be able to re-read them both many times in future. Like any romantic comedy, they'd make a good pick-me-up after a bad day.
(Side note: I was reading V. 2 at a club meeting today, and a friend sitting next to me recognized it. When I finished it, she borrowed it and started reading. Didn't matter that it was the middle of the story. That says something, methinks.)
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