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Escape! from an Arab Marriage by Cassandra
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Of course I was expecting horror stories about women who married Arab men. I mean that's what the sub title states. It would have been better off subtitled as, "We Hate All Arab Men". To group all men from one culture together just because of a few bad apples seems really unfair, and simple minded to me. I myself have been in abusive relationships, but I'm not bashing every white American man because of this.
The writing was terrible. Here are a few examples, and just so you know I'm opening the book randomly, and I know that on any page I open I will find something wrong....
page 41: "It was then that I began to realize that Arabs were extremely intuitive and something told me I was going to have to very, very, careful where Jamal was concerened."
Page 44: "I just stopped in here for a second to say to Medhi."
Page 49: "I kept getting the feeling that the only reason he wanted me to be sure to do take care of myself was because he wanted the baby to be absolutely perfect."
These type of mistakes are on everyother if not every page in this book. Sometimes more than once! This is an American author, so English is her native tongue. If she would have put half the effort into her writing that she put into her racist monologue I "might" have finished reading this, though that doesn't mean I would have liked it any better.
The author also filled a lot of the pages within this book with popular, and well known cases of women who had bad experiences in dealings with Muslim men. She used quotes from Betty Mahmoody's Not Without My Daughter, and also Jean Sasson's Princess trilogy.
This book was done in poor taste and reflects the authors deeply personal hatred of all Arab Muslim men. Don't believe me read the book, but don't say I didn't warn you.
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message 13: by Meaghan (new)

Meaghan Jeezus. That sounds horrible.

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* This is the worst book I have ever read! I have never in all my years of reading seen someone write so blatantly about their hate for another culture. She not only said terrible things about the men, she also said a lot of bad things about the women.

message 11: by Jeannie (new) - added it

Jeannie Hhmmm, wonder what happened to her? Was she abused also? is her story in this book too? Who is Cassandra?

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* She was also abused, but it's no excuse for the things she says. You know I'm usually always on the womans side Jeannie, but this lady is so full of venom that I can't read her book. She even went so far as to say that Arab Muslim women play with their sons penis just to calm them. It's gross!

message 9: by Jeannie (new) - added it

Jeannie wow! I've read a few other books like this, with an attitude like that. not sure if I'd want to read this one. sounds a bit wacky

message 8: by Eva (new) - added it

Eva Leger I was going to add this also but now I'm not. I know you well enough that just from your review I know I wouldn't like it. What a shame...

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* I have some Muslims in my family, and one of my female cousins is married to a Suadi muslim. If she was so unhappy why would she continue to stay living with her husband, and continue having children? The author has a hatred for all Muslim males, but the Saudi ones especially. My cousin does come back to the US for breaks once or twice a year, according to the the author Muslim husbands wont allow the woman to leave his country. I do have to be honest and say he doesn't allow her to bring the kids (which is wrong, but I can also understand his fears, and she does too). He doesn't want his children abducted into the US as much as she doesn't want him to abduct the children in Saudi Arabia. He does not beat her, or take on other wives, and she's free to come and go. This author doesn't know what she's talking about!

message 6: by Eva (new) - added it

Eva Leger Wow. Maybe that's what happened to her in the past though? And she can't forgive? Granted she shouldn't hate all of a race or religon but without reading the book it sounds like maybe her experience was lot more horrendous than your cousins.
I cannot imagine not being able to take my daughter anywhere I wanted whenever I wanted. There isn't a love strong enough in the world to make that okay for me.

message 5: by Eva (new) - added it

Eva Leger I think I actually do want to read it now - you're getting me curious. I have a funny feeling my review will be a lot like yours but you never know...
Still have it Sabrina? lol

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* I barrowed this one from the library, or I would send it to you. I would like to see you chew this one up lol, I have a feeling you would have much more to say than me. She didn't even date a Saudi, and as far as I know she never even lived/visited the Middle East. I have been into Middle Eastern culture, and it's view on women for over ten years now. I'm to the point that I feel confidant enough to call bullshit when I see it, and I'm calling bullshit here lol. Other women writing on this subject Don't pull stories from popular, well known books by women writing about the way Middle Eastern men have treated them. It was like this lady needed so many words in order to publish her book without having a bunch of blank pages. I'm sure this is self published because no good Publisher would want their name on it!

message 3: by Eva (new) - added it

Eva Leger Oh you sound like you definitely know enough to pull it apart. I don't know enough about the subject personally to know the nuances like you but I've always hated it when people group a whole race, religion, etc. together. In my opinion there's nothing more sad or more stupid than to say "all" Muslim people this or "all" black/white/Mexican/Chinese people this.
I'm going to see if my library has it. If not I'll keep my eye out for it but after your review there's no way I'm putting money in her pocket.
I'd put money down that it's self-pub'd - I haven't even laid eyes on it and I'm sure you're right!

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* I had to do the interloan for this one, so your library probably can too. I really, really want to see you write a review for this one! You always tell it how it is:)

message 1: by Eva (new) - added it

Eva Leger lol... You're making me realy, really want to review it now. I'll do a search to see if they can get it for me.

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