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Memahami Dunia Lewat Sepak Bola by Franklin Foer
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Jun 04, 2010

really liked it
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Recommended to miaaa by: footy maniacs
Read from May 01 to June 05, 2010 — I own a copy

Warning: next writing is written under the state of cracking emotion. Any confusions and flaws it affects should not be taken for granted.

And it's not a review!

What is so special about football, that it pains so much when you lost and taking you so high when matches are won. And it kills you to see your beloved club is brought down by ignorant fools who know nothing about the game of passion.

Right now, when I'm writing this, I was torn in two out of madness. The real me is always a Blue and that's why I easily get attached to Arema. I was raised in various cities, due to my father's dedication to serve the church, and never really had a city or town to call home. Until I went to Malang, East Java. I love the city, found best friends who I proudly nicknamed soulmates, got myself an adopted family, speak the language as if I was born to do that, and to know Arema who embodies everything I wished from football.

Arema Indonesia just won the Indonesian Super League 2009/2010 season. I should be happy, well the Blue me wants to dance all nights and telling the world, 'Hey look here, at this amazing club, practically a self-funded club without begging from the regional state's budget and collectively raised fund for the team's operational vehicles! Watch this Real Madrid, we the fans are the real Arema the blood of this club, not like the plasticos you're signing with multi-million euros but for which major thropy? Did you see this Chelsea? No Abramovich with his magic wand to exploit wells and cashing money as if they were leaves throughout the fall season!'

But the other me, Ophelia, is always a Red. I still remember the day when we're looking at a group of people holding scarfs up, singing their hearts out as if there's no tomorrow. That was the first time we saw the Kop sang You'll Never Walk Alone, from a TV half the world away and it lasted only for few seconds. What amazed us most was that the team was lost! Our first encounter with Liverpool FC who embodies everything I know about football.

Liverpool FC won trophies, has a long history with a list of great managers and players, and superb fans who always be there not only in great nights but also in the lows when everything shattered into pieces, notably Heysel and Hillsborough tragedies. Then two businessmen who aware of nothing regarding the history nor understand the passion that binds the club to the fans came along with their blatant lies.

Since their arrival, they're bleeding the club dry. £110,000 That's how much interest payments must be paid -per day- for the debts piled by the owners. £50.3M has been spent on cost associated to the 'new stadium' but no sign of it whatsoever. £51.5M is the amount of debt in a year to July 2009, and as of July 31 2009 the total debt of LFC' parent company -Kop Football Holdings- were £472.5M. Data taken from this Well Red Magazine edition

And as the final blow, Rafael Benitez left the club by mutual consent. Mutual consent my a**! The board more likely showing him the door without goodbye nor thank you. The great gaffer since Shankly and Paisley is finally worn down by the infights or civil war according to Oliver Kay, a respected football journalist. Must read piece from Olie Kay

Next Jose Mourinho wants Stevie G to join him at Real Madrid, Inter piling cash for Fernando Torres, Chelsea wants Benayoun and Barcelona just needs to call up Mascherano's agent. I don't know why Aurelio leaves the club, probably he didn't want to be associated with LFC with such devastated state anymore.

So who do we have left? Only Jamie Carragher, who sharply stated, "If anyone doesn't want to be here, no problem. No-one is bigger than Liverpool Football Club. People always talk about players leaving and saying 'this is the end of Liverpool'. No chance. Better players than the ones we have now have left and we have replaced them."

No doubt every club wants a team of Carra, as the Kop song said:
We all dream of a team of Carraghers
A team of Carraghers
A team of Carraghers

Number one is Carragher
Number two is Carragher
Number three is Carragher
Number four is Carragher......

We all dream of a team of Carraghers
A team of Carraghers
A team of Carraghers

Number five is Carragher
Number six is Carragher
Number seven is Carragher
Number eight is Carragher......

We all dream of a team of Carraghers
A team of Carraghers
A team of Carraghers

Number nine is Carragher
Number ten is Carragher
Number eleven is Carragher
Number twelve is Carragher......

We all dream of a team of Carraghers
A team of Carraghers
A team of Carraghers

Number thirteen is Carragher
Number fourteen is Carragher
Number fifteen is Carragher
Number twenty-three is Carragher......

Thank you for Istanbul 2005
Thank you for FA Cup 2006
Thank you for Camp Nou CL 2006/2007
Thank you for Giuseppe Meazza CL 2007/2008
Thank you for trashing Real Madrid 4-0 at Anfield CL 2008/2009
Thank you for Old Trafford 2008/2009
Nunca Caminarás Solo, Rafa
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05/02/2010 page 31
12.5% ".. Celtic vs Rangers, perang yang belum tuntas antara Katolik dengan gerakan Reformasi Protestan" 3 comments
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100.0% "menghitung waktu menuju kick off"

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message 1: by Hippo dari Hongkong (last edited May 02, 2010 06:44PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Hippo dari Hongkong wak.. ini koq baru dipajang sekarang bukuna, jadi gak sempet disemprit wasit

miaaa @afrit, hihihi lupa majang, kan kesalahan pertama kasi peringatan ajah *ngedip2 biar gak dikartu*

@gonk, kuwi bellamy yo? hihi ingat kejadian dia berantem ama JAR hahahahaha pake stik golf lagi ampuuuuun

Hippo dari Hongkong waks, kedip2 mo ngerayu wasit yah?

gonk bukan pahlawan berwajah tampan bedanya mr roos dan mr fiona :))

miaaa HA HA HA barusan tadi dibilangin udah nongol beneran, emang berbakat jadi cenayang keknya nih aku
*melengos pergi*

gonk bukan pahlawan berwajah tampan eh, dibilangin apaan yah? *besok kemis togel keluar berapa ?*

miaaa btw foto stevie G itu waktu ngalahin mancs 1-4 di kandang lawan toh?!

ah musim lalu yah, emang gak bagus terpaku ama masa lalu waktu terus berputar dan berjalan

*mendadak mellow* =))

lita coba cari persamaan dari gambar di atas! :))

miaaa hihi ;))
btw gonk, mr mia bukan yg entuh lagi ih infonya gak akurat! macca maccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *nyiapin golok*

message 11: by Weni (new) - rated it 3 stars

Weni haha br liat foto stevie G yg itu :))

Roos Gue kok juga baru lihat yah?...hehehehe...
*Piss Mia*

miaaa buset dah musim lalu waktu tandang ke mancs, masih ada c ronaldo. dia nyium kamera waktu nyetak gol sampe dibahas di podcast thegame timesonline hahahaha ga penting juga seh

*balik dengerin lagu2 rammstein*

Roos Hadoh...siapa sih c ronaldo, Mi? Penting yah...*rolling eyes*

message 15: by lita (new) - rated it 5 stars

lita *menyaksikan pertandingan seru antara Mrs. G dan Mrs G* :D

miaaa hahaha iyah siapa sih dia beneran gak penting *ikutan rolling eyes*

miaaa @lita, ralat gak pernah ngerasa mrs gerrard nih macca forever!!!! ;D

Roos Yups...I know you will be Macca foreva...hahaha...*halah ngomong apa ini*

@Mia: Rapatkan barisan...hahahaha.

message 19: by gieb (new) - rated it 4 stars

gieb jadi, bukunya isinya apaaaa?

miaaa @roos, bikin klub anti dia-yg-tak-layak-disebut yuk hahahahaha

@gieb, tentang fans spurs yg suka teriak 'YIIIIIIIID!':D

message 21: by lita (new) - rated it 5 stars

lita Roos wrote: "Yups...I know you will be Macca foreva...hahaha...*halah ngomong apa ini*

@Mia: Rapatkan barisan...hahahaha."

akhirnya mereka berdamai dengan bahagia :P

gonk bukan pahlawan berwajah tampan woii, jangan berdamai dulu dunk....
terus gmn bisa michael owen dari anfield pindah ke old trafford??
*nabuh genderang perang*

itu macca yg dibahas si kriwil jersey #7 era roy evans ya?

Roos Eh ini perasaan tim merah lawan tim **** deh.
Jadi Paklek rapatkan barisan jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hahahaha.

@Gieb: wes bahas opo ae seng penting seru lah...hahahaha.

miaaa hahaha perang ya perang sendiri ajah ngapain ngajak2 hihi apa perlu ngibar2in banner chelsea di sini? tinggal manggil imam yg lagi di kondangan sih hehe

*nyiapin mantra pemanggil imam*

message 25: by gieb (new) - rated it 4 stars

gieb mia, tanggal 30 mei, arema vs persija. nonton yuk!!

gonk bukan pahlawan berwajah tampan wah keren kuwi gieb, nek menang juworo siji kuwi si arema :p

miaaa YUK! eh nang malang tah tandingne? *ngepak kaos aremanita* eh iyo gieb aku entok kaos airbrush arema tekan aank hoho durung tau digae :D

message 28: by lita (new) - rated it 5 stars

lita yah, roamingnya pindah ke sini :(

message 29: by gieb (new) - rated it 4 stars

gieb di jakarta, mia.

miaaa selamat gak pake baju arema di jkt? yuk! piya carane entok tiket? aku gak gitu ngerti kalau laga tandang opo nitip arek2 di malang?

message 31: by gieb (new) - rated it 4 stars

gieb selamatlah. beli di sana saja nanti. lek gak oleh yo golek spanduk. gawe munggah senayan. hehe.

Roos kerjaan gue dulu tuh...penekan stadion...hahaha.

miaaa HAHAHA janjian karo arek2 pisan wae aku tau takon gimen jarane lek tandang nang jakarta arep merene karo aang.

piye carane munggah senayan gawe spanduk? iku uduk stadion gajayana yoooo hihi

*ngasi cemilan pisang goreng buat yg roaming* ;D

message 34: by Thesunan (new) - added it

Thesunan miaaa wrote: "@roos, bikin klub anti dia-yg-tak-layak-disebut yuk hahahahaha

@gieb, tentang fans spurs yg suka teriak 'YIIIIIIIID!':D"

ikutan klo ini.. mo pajang poto tapi terlalu sadis.. pajang link nya aja ya.. monggo diliat sendiri,, http://www.ave-it.net/ronaldo1.jpg

miaaa *menimbang-nimbang delete gak yah postingan di atas*
tiap liat/denger namanya pengen garuk2 nih alergi kali yah :))

message 36: by lita (new) - rated it 5 stars

lita *garuk-garuk punggung miaaa*

Hippo dari Hongkong mana neh ripiu nya

Roos aku belum juga...euy.

Hippo dari Hongkong roos, pan situ mah udah baca asalna ;))

Roos eh jadi aku gak usah nge-repiu lagi yah....*lgsg berbinar*

Hippo dari Hongkong perjanjian ripyu na soalna berlaku buat yag baca bareng ;))

Roos blue n red inside...eh kebalik denk...hahaha...podho wae endinge.

miaaa gak heran tiap kota dengan dua tim pasti satu biru satu merah yah hihi
roos ndek solo wes nang endi wae? mangan opo wae? hahahahahaha

gonk bukan pahlawan berwajah tampan blu and red inside?? iku warnane opo?? kok ndadak inside mbarang?? saru ora? hehehehehe

mending liperpul dibeli bakrie keep!! ntar namanya jadi lapinpool bwahahaha, dijamin semusim dapet hadiah penalti minimal 15!!!

message 45: by Weni (new) - rated it 3 stars

Weni miaaa wrote: "roos ndek solo wes nang endi wae? mangan opo wae? hahahahahaha"

sego liwet karo es leci hahaha.

miaaa wah sing nggenah wae ker, mosok tekan H&G nang bakrie iku jenenge metu tekan kandang macan mlebu kandang ular viper wes lah ngenteni SOS (spirit of shankly) ngumpulno dana digae tuku saham hehe ;)

Hippo dari Hongkong ini pada komen apaan seh? kagak ngarti gw :-?

Roos Jyahahahaha... Butuh translator gak, Kang?

miaaa hihi ngomongin hippo pinky bertopeng hello kitty hahahahhaha :p

miaaa exactly. totally agree with you :)

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