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Finding the Lost by Shannon K. Butcher
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May 04, 2010

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Read from April 30 to May 04, 2010

This book was actually better than I anticipated. I think maybe I was overdosed on the whole "you were fated to be my just bow down and submit to my dominance" type of PNR. Sometimes some PNR kind of feels almost abusive with the whole male dominance, and the heroine just needs to shut up and accept her fate ala Christine Feehan.

I was a little rusty on the world building for this series since it has been a while since I read the first one, Burning Alive. Basically this series is about the Sentinels which are 3 different races of warriors which guard mankind from the Synestryn which are the hideously ugly demons who want to enslave mankind.

The hero, Paul is a sentinel living on borrowed time. He needs to find a blooded woman who is compatible with him who will wear his lucera and take his overload of magic. So he makes a deal with Logan, a sanguinar who can track blooded women.

Enter the heroine, Andra. She has a pyschic gift that enables her to find lost children,those stolen by the Synestryn. Paul finally tracks her down while she is retrieving such a child. At first he doesn't think she's a match for him as nothing really happens when he touches her but he determines that he will keep her safe because she could be a match for one of his brethren. Cue anguish and torment and let the games begin.

Anyway this book was pretty good. The heroine has an actual personality and isn't a doormat for an alpha warrior. The hero is alpha don't get me wrong but, he isn't a knuckle-dragger either. The plot is pretty good and the storyline moved along at a good pace. They fell in love in a matter of like 4 days or something like that which is a little quick to be believable, but it had some decent emotional build-up in that Paul didn't want Andra to be swayed to stay with him by the fact that he will die if she chooses to leave him, so he chooses to leave her in the dark about a number of things surrounding his people. She also doesn't reveal a number of issues she has surrounding the trauma of loosing her mother and one sister to a Synestryn attack that in turn drove her other sister insane. I will say I thought this heroine was much better than the heroine of the first book, Helen who to me just kind of wrung her hands and did pretty much whatever she was told.

Overall I liked it and would recommend it. This book wasn't earth-shattering, but I didn't throw it against the wall in disgust so I guess you could say it wasn't wall-shattering either.

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