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Precious Victims by Don W. Weber
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Apr 29, 2010

really liked it
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Read from April 17 to 21, 2011

I couldn't stop thinking about how much I'd like to be able to wrap my hands around the necks of these evil bastards and squeeze until no life was left. I don't know what that makes me but honestly, I don't give a shit. These two "people" are beyond evil.
What I don't understand is how these two morons got away with murder? Because let's be clear here, they did get away with murder. They got caught the second time sure, but for three years after they're first daughter died they lived free. Free enough to have two more children and free enough to murder one of them.
I'm not going to say the police did a poor job with this case because all I know is what I read here. But I can say that if I can take this book at face value I'd have done a better job. A better job with the interrogation, a better job with the surveillance, a better job with everything with maybe (and I stress the 'maybe') the actual trial. Oh, there were mistakes.
But beyond that, I just do not understand and actually, I'm may be one of the fewer people on earth who could understand. I have a daughter and I literally prayed to God that although my main concern was a healthy baby of either sex, I desperately wanted a daughter. I've often joked that if I ever have a boy I'm taking advantage of the new laws and dropping him off in a safe place and moving on. I don't "do" boys. I don't like them. I don't understand them. I don't want to understand them. I don't want to mother one. Granted, if I had a son I'd love him just as much as I do my daughter. But hey, I'm fairly normal. But to hate a sex with such a passion that you'd murder your own female babies if beyond my understanding.
The Sims gave so, so, so many clues as to their guilt that I can't believe they weren't stopped sooner. The facts surrounding their first daughters death and the things said by the Sims' are just out of this world. The way Robert tried to get the cops to go away from, and not towards, where baby Loralei laid dead in the woods is enough for me alone. Paula saying she wanted to "be here when they bring her up" as the cops were searching her property is enough for me alone. Those are only two of the damning - or what should have been damning clues. They gave many, many more.
Pg. 302 talks about a snitch giving info to Sheriff Yocum and how this info could be of a big help to the court case. It wasn't included. Why? Because Yocum had "given his word" (let's not forget - to a snitch) that it would stay between the two of them. I have a number of questions here. 1. Why would a known snitch think that this is possible? Snitching is snitching. Case closed. 2. Why would Yocum give his word in the first place? 3. Why would Yocum care about his word when it comes to a snitch? 4. Why would anyone else care about Yocum's word to a snitch? Too many unanswered questions and it smells real fishy to me.
Chapter 27 tells how Paula's lawyer asked Don Weber (prosecutor and co-author of this book) "How much would you give to know the truth?" Weber got the truth apparently. The reader? No dice. Why include this little morsel? To gloat? I can see no other reason. I want to know the truth too. I want to know why two people felt it was okay to murder two little baby girls, throw one in some brush in the woods, the other in a goddamn trash can, tell wild, unbelievable stories about it, and then one of them get away with it for over three years and the other get away with it forever? WHY?????????????
The justice system is this rapidly declining country is going down the toilet and has been for a very, very long time. You know something is wrong with where you live when the criminal has more rights than the victim. When a person can repeatedly fail lie detector tests and walk free you have a problem. When a person can murder a baby and walk free you have a problem. When a person gets "mercy" because someone else asks for it, you have a problem. I could continue but I'll eventually have to go to sleep and sadly, this could go on for days.
A big part of me wishes I had lived during the "eye for an eye" days. A big part. I have a feeling crime wasn't then what it is now.
As a parting shot, I hope Robert and Paula Sims (and anyone who helped them perpetuate these lies) rots in hell. Before they actually get there I hope they live a life full of great sadness and torture and anything else vile and evil, as they are. I hope some little human part of them all remembers those babies faces and I hope they hear their cries. I hope it drives them insane. And I hope it never, ever goes away.... just like those babies can never, ever come back. When mercy is shown to Loralie and Heather then I'll *maybe* say a little mercy should/could be shown to these two monsters.
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