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Dark and Stormy Knights by P.N. Elrod
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Apr 29, 2010

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bookshelves: 2010, anthology, urban-fantasy
Read from August 11 to 22, 2010

Do you ever read anthologies and by the time you are done only remember 1 story?

Like all anthologies 1 was awesome, a couple were ok, 1 I skipped, and the rest I thought was some of the stupidest stories I had ever read. Meh. But I feel this way with every anthology. I read them to read my fave authors additions, but short stories just aren't my thing. Just too few pages to understand an entire universe especially if I haven't read anything from that author before.

I did particularly like 1 story, but that could be because I am biased and only picked up the book in the first place for Ilona Andrews. Her story covered Kate and Saimon's backstory. It was really fun and very much in the Kate fashion.

After finishing Andrew's story (which I read 1st) I sped through the rest of the book without being much impressed, and was often scoffing.
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08/11/2010 page 47
12.0% "Loved Ilona Andrews story. Awesome getting to find out how Kate and Saiman met!"
08/17/2010 page 245
64.0% "Its ok so far. Neither of the books I am reading right now are keeping me really interested though. :("

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message 1: by Desperado (new)

Desperado Great review, Bry. I hope you got it from the library!

Laura the Highland Hussy Was Shannon K. Butcher's story part of her Sentinal Wars series?

message 3: by Bry (new) - rated it 3 stars

Bry I did LL! Phew!

Butchers story was about a guy who had to search out 'beacons' who were random people who drew these evil creatures to our world from another demension. I have never read her Sentinal Wars books though so You'll have to tell me??? LOL!

Laura the Highland Hussy it doesn't sound like the Sentinal Wars. It's a really good series though, only 3 books in, but it's a new take on warriors saving the earth and humans who have no clue.

message 5: by Bry (new) - rated it 3 stars

Bry So I looked it up Laurie, and it turns out I have a copy of the 1st book in the series - Burning Alive - sitting on my book shelf in my massive TBR pile!

Laura the Highland Hussy no way! ha, too funny :) It's pretty good, I'd say the whole series is solid 4 stars and the 4th book comes out soon (hopefully either Kelly or I will get an ARC for SB gave us a few before and the 4th book has the potential to make the series a 5 star series

message 7: by Desperado (last edited Aug 24, 2010 09:30PM) (new)

Desperado I couldn't finish Burning Alive but maybe I wasn't in the mood for it at time. Maybe one day I'll wake up & be in the mood for a heroine who is a complete wimp/damsel in distress...or maybe not. But I'm glad you enjoyed it, Laurie!

Bry, have you tried A Girl's Guide to Guns and Monsters? I'm starting it soon & I've heard good things about it. It doesn't have any 1 & 2 star ratings, so it might actually turn out to be a pretty decent anthology!

message 8: by Bry (new) - rated it 3 stars

Bry Never heard of it LL. Out of all the authors Saintcrow is the only one I have heard of. I might have to give it a try though for the title alone! :D Added!

Laura the Highland Hussy Did you like St Crow?

Laura the Highland Hussy LethalLovely~When There's Nothing Left to Burn, wrote: "I couldn't finish Burning Alive but maybe I wasn't in the mood for it at time. Maybe one day I'll wake up & be in the mood for a heroine who is a complete wimp/damsel in distress...o..."

I'm sorry you didn't like it. :( I think the premise of it caught me up enough to ignore the damsel in distress. Actually what bothered me was her (spoiler alert Bry) inability to deal with her fire vision and her need to save others by creating fire, That bugged me as understandable as it was.

message 11: by Bry (new) - rated it 3 stars

Bry Laurie-Highland Hussy wrote: "Did you like St Crow?"

I love her Strange Angels series, but her story in this book was just meh.

message 12: by Desperado (new)

Desperado I didn't even get that far, Laurie. LOL! I thought the hero was nice but reading about the heroine constantly screaming "save me, save me!" was just too much for the feminist inside. Maybe I'll give Butcher another try with the 2nd book in the series.

I haven't read any shorts by Saintcrow yet but I also love her Strange Angels series. I think her Jill Kismet series is pretty kick ass as well.

message 13: by Bry (new) - rated it 3 stars

Bry Both her Kismet and Valentine series are on my TBR list!

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