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Burnt Offerings by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Dec 04, 13

bookshelves: horror, audiobook
Read from May 20 to 24, 2010

Hmmm, I noticed most of the reviews here don’t go into any sort of plot here. I couldn’t figure it out at first but now that I’m almost finished with this reread I get it. There isn’t one.

Well, that’s not quite true. There were threads of plot, the vampire council has come to town to rape and pillage the beasties, but really this book is all about Anita gaining power, dealing with her two lover boys and gaining new puppy doggies and kitties who follow her every command. It’s bloody, it’s sexual but mostly in a vile, violent way and it’s so not my favorite of the series. I think I need a break from these books now. I found myself getting grouchy and bored with the oh-so-perfect and all-powerful Anita. I want tomboy Anita The Vampire Executioner back and as much as I complained about the Nike swish descriptions I'd give anything to have them back. If I have to hear another description of a whored up Anita outfit I'm going to gag.

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LethalLovely~You Knew Who I Was With Every Step That I Ran to You Great review. Anita was like a homicidal mary sue. Now she's a homicidal ho but in her harem's eyes, she can do no wrong.

Bark's Book Nonsense Homicidal ho, I like that :)

Pagetranquillity The rest of the books are all like that. The only one I was really impressed with was Obsidian Butterfly. If you haven't read that one, it's her best. I gave up on the series long ago.

Bark's Book Nonsense Yeah, it was very apparent when I started rereading the series from the beginning recently. It's so sad, they started out so good.

Becky H HA! This is almost exactly what I thought when I read this book. I totally agree with you about gagging because of the "whored up Anita outfit" LOL

chucklesthescot I'm just getting back to reading this series-time to clear these off my shelves as they are taking up so much room. Not a lot of great reviews for the books from 7 on but I'll give them a try anyway! Great review.

Valeria took the words right out of my mouth...

Kimmy Totally agree with u x

Lucian agreed. it gets extremely annoying after about the first six books- somehow I´ve managed to read about 16. Anita´s IRRITATING... with her delicate sensibilities which can handle killing people and monsters alike remorselessly, but can´t handling sleeping with more than one guy at a time without moaning about it for like, half a book.

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