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Seven Tears Into the Sea by Terri Farley
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Apr 28, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, adventure
Read in July, 2010

Have you ever seen in the movies where the heroine finds the book which will save everyone and she is reading feverishly, when all of a sudden - bam! - the book just ends. She flips the pages back and forth a few times - yes the last page is still blank - the story is over.

That was the feeling this book left me with. I actually did flip the last page back and forth to check that I hadn't missed anything - REALLY!! That was the end??!!

Apparently it was and I am very upset that we do not know what happens:


I mean Jesse just "disappears" without saying goodbye? And I know that he told her "If you know it is the last time you will never be able to let go . . . yadda, yadda, yadda" but seriously - I mean HE JUST LEFT!!! That was SOOO annoying. The ending practically gave me whiplash!

***End of Spoilers***

So basically this story is another play on the "selkie" legend - but instead of seals we have sea lions - and it was pretty good. Except for the ending (which if you still haven't got I did not care for one bit). One of the better selkie stories I have read. I didn't think the romance was too sappy and it was clean which was good. Jesse (with the Jesse from the Mediator and this Jesse I am starting to fall in love with the name) was interesting and strange in an adorable way. All in all glad I read it . . . though I am rather angry with the author right now because of the ending.

So this is the end of my rant, see you next time on "Whiplash Endings".

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April*procrastinator and proud* lol I'm totally in love with the name Jesse too!!!
Have you watched Glee?? Well there's a guy who comes in on the show in the second half of the show and completely sweeps the main girl Rachel off her feet (and me... i lurrrve himmm!)
I love the name Jesse now!! it's so funny XD

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