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Killer by Sara Shepard
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Apr 27, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from June 07 to 09, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Warning: spoilers up the wazoo.

Ok, wow... I need to organize my thoughts here...

Ian. Is he really dead? The girls found his body, but then it disappeared. He IMed Spencer later thinking it was Melissa at first, but it could be anybody behind that screenname... but, dead or alive, it's pretty obvious he didn't kill Ali. He also said he saw Ali and one other blonde arguing that night she was killed. We know Spencer had a confrontation with Ali before she died, so it could have been her Ian saw, but the author conveniently makes a lot of characters blondes, so who knows?!

Wilden. If he didn't start the fire, he definitely had a hand in it. Hanna saw him loading all that propane into his car! Plus, he was a troublemaker in school. Did he become a cop to make up for his past bad behavior, or to get away with said bad behavior more easily? His being a cop is the perfect cover. And Aria found Ian's ring in the woods, yet the cops claim to have searched the woods thoroughly. Could Wilden be lying?

Jason. He obviously has anger management problems. Is that why he was a patient at Radley and saw the school therapist, or is there something more? What are the "sibling problems" he and Ali had, or did Ali just make that up to get Jenna to tell her about Toby? Jason and Wilden are definitely friends, they have something against Ian, and they for sure had a hand in something sinister involving Ali's disappearance. Now Spencer swears it was Jason she saw that night in the woods, NOT Ian. They are both blond, after all. But it was a hazy and long-suppressed memory in the first place, so I'm not putting too much trust in it.

Ali. Is she really alive? If so, whose body did they find and have a funeral for, thinking it was Ali? The author mentions almost as an afterthought that the body they buried never received DNA confirmation proving it's actually Ali's. Then Aria rescues a girl from the fire and it turns out to be Ali? The blond figure Spencer saw skulking around the barn that she thought was Melissa could have easily been Ali. I really don't trust Spencer's perception anymore, lol. But some reviewers have theories about a secret twin/slightly older sister. Hmm... it's a little far-fetched, but it could explain Ali's telling Jenna she had sibling problems... maybe she didn't mean Jason after all!

Jenna. What's her role in all this? She had a confrontation with Jason and was going to tell Aria something on the night of Meredith's baby shower but changed her mind and ran off...

Mona. We know she's for sure dead, but if she and Jenna were friends, and Jenna and Ali were friends, does that mean Ali and Mona were friends? Could she have had anything to do with The Jenna Thing or Ali's disappearance?

A. It would be hilarious if the new A really IS Ali, but I don't think it is, since she didn't seem to recognize the girls after Aria saved her from the fire. Then again, she could have just been delirious from breathing in smoke or something. It's interesting that the new A is out to help the girls solve the mystery instead of trying to ruin them like Mona did (although s/he still threatens to spill their secrets if they don't do what s/he says, A's main focus is on getting them to piece together the clues). I think it's safe to assume that A isn't Naomi, Riley, Kate, or Mike, since they all have Hanna's new number and Hanna hasn't gotten any texts from A since getting a new phone. A, presumably, is someone who wouldn't have Hanna's new number, otherwise Hanna would be getting texts along with Spencer, Aria and Emily. Even though Wilden is acting pretty suspicious, I don't think it's him. I don't think it's Andrew, either. We can't rule out Jenna or Maya, or even a forgotten minor character like Trista! But my money's on Melissa. I mean, she's obviously been on Ian's side all along, and her bomb about Spencer being adopted was dropped just a little too innocently...

And Spencer... poor thing. Is she even really adopted? What's going on there? Who's Olivia, and is she working with A?

With a host of new twists and turns and a jaw-dropping cliffhanger ending, "Killer" made me question everything I thought I knew about the mystery and is definitely the most intense book of the series so far... I just wonder how Ms. Shepard can possibly wrap everything up in the next two books!

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