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The Spawning by Kaitlyn O'Connor
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Apr 27, 2010

really liked it
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Read in April, 2010

I've been on a kick lately of looking for romances between an alien and a human. I took a chance on this one and liked it very much. First of all, I bought an ebook and the book was 283 pages long so good value for the money. I'm tired of paying $6 for a 80 to 100 page ebook. There were a few proofing errors but this ex-proofreader didn't get too upset so they weren't too annoying.

Things I liked: this was not just an excuse for graphic sex. There was a lot of story before anyone got together. A real attempt was made to show an evolving relationship between the alien Hiratchi and the human women. Relationships between the women were explored although sometimes I still got them mixed up. Speaking of the sex, the guys were sharing because they out numbered the women 4 or 5 to one but there weren't any menage scenes. Each guy had separate time with their woman. The men were fairly distinct although Khan was more fully realized than the other three guys. There as a pretty good developement of the alien culture of the Hiratchi.

Problems with the book were: twenty women were transported to this alien planet and not one of them had a useful skill. Some of the things they didn't know were pretty obvious. It took them months, for example, to attempt to smoke some meat so they weren't totally dependent on the Hiratchi bringing them fresh meat every other day. Hadn't they ever studied history at all? No one seemed to know how to make a fire or cook a meal.

Another thing that was unrealistic was that they kept having problems because they were misunderstanding each other's actions. Still no one sat down with one of the aliens and said "okay you did this. What was that all about?" or "On Earth we do this. What do you do is the same situation?" Lots of misunderstandings could have been avoided. It drove the plot but was a bit unrealistic.

On a final note that has nothing to do with the quality of the book is that the picture on the front totally does not match the story. These women were supposed to be tiny, mid chest to the aliens, but if this chick stood up she would tower over this guy. Just saying.
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Amanda Oh my gosh - I can't believe I never noticed what a giant the chick is on the cover until I read your review! That is going to drive me crazy from now on! Love the review - I agree with you that the alien world was pretty developed and that it was annoying that both sides made so many assumptions about the other and didn't ask simple questions.

I also totally agree with you about being tired of paying a bunch of money for such extremely short eBooks. It sucks because it seems like nowadays the books that seem the most interesing are novella's or "short novels" (I hate that they are called that, they are usually only like 5 more pages than a novella!) There are a few sites that thankfully put down the amount of words in the book, so that has been helpful...Ok, there's my rant of the day.

Kiki The woman is giant. I found it hysterical. So many of Kaitlyn O'Connor's cover art makes me cringe.

Shauna good to know

message 4: by Titania (new)

Titania Remakes the World hilarious review, yet I'm still dying to read it!!!

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