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Apr 26, 2010

it was amazing
Read from March 29 to April 03, 2011

Oh, it was so good to be back in the BDB world with a new story, and I just loved every single minute of it! Oh, Caldwell...how I missed you...

Manny and Payne's story was excellent, in true Ward fashion. Manny came across as a really strong, alpha male in V's book, but it was just a small glimpse of his character, and whooooaaaa-ho-hooooooooo, did I just end up loving every single aspect of this amazing doctor as portrayed in Lover Unleashed!! He came through even when taken aback and feeling somewhat betrayed by Jane's re-emergence out of thin air, and he got right into the heart of doing what he needed to do to take care of his patient, including standing up to the "goateed hater." LOL! I loved that Payne was first and foremost for him, even to the detriment of his mind and career. He fell in love with her, head over heels, and it was just so damn sweet. Oh, and talk about some amazing sexual healing...I felt like the chemistry between Payne and Manny was off the charts hawt!! They shared some amazing sexy time, but I also loved how caring he was to her, showing Payne that it would be okay if her legs did not return to her. That was definitely a ~sigh~ worthy moment. And I loved Payne as well...what a strong female, but also quite vulnerable in her time of pain and need. But I loved that she opened her heart and accepted Manny so readily, and that she was completely badass when she needed to be (against the muggers, the lessers, and the band of bastards). What a truly amazing female. I really look forward to seeing more of her in the Brotherhood.

As a side story, we got lots and lots and lots of V, Jane, and Butch, and like Manny and Payne's story, I just loved it! As hard as it was, I thought it was great to see V go thru his turmoil in dealing with all the new shit he had to...discovering he had a twin sister, accepting her immediately into his heart, but then dealing with the fact that hawtie Doc Manny had the hots for Jane (previously) and now his sister, then dealing with feeling like Jane betrayed him by agreeing to help Payne with a tough decision. It's always hard to see couples have hard times, but it was nice have some realism to these stories in knowing that even after they got their HEA, all is not just ride-off-into-the-sunset perfect. I like that they have to continue to work in their relationships...it helps to make them all the more believable. It was great to see them have some overly hawt sexy time as well. OMG...that first time that pulled out all the stops and involved nearly every position possible was UBER-HAWT!! Oh, and Butch...what a male. To agree to do for V what he did, knowing that it was seriously going to screw with his mind to have to do it, but to make the sacrifice nonetheless. He really is just amazing.

Oh, and then there's Qhuinn...OMG...my heart just continues to break for him. I was in shock (and saddened) when discovered that he removed most of his piercings and cut his hair, but I was so proud of him for owning up to his feelings, sharing them with someone, and making a wise decision to NOT take a certain relationship further than he should have. But the vision...OMG...the vision! WTF is that all about???? Waiting for his and Blay's story is just killing me!

I really liked the introduction of the band of bastards, too. I wasn't so sure about Xcor at first since he seemed so bent on vengence, but we got a glimpse of his character, and while an outcast and seething for revenge for the death of the Bloodletter, he actually seemed pretty honorable. This was driven home when we see him again later with Payne...keeping her safe and returning her safely after she made him realize he was wrong about his belief in the Bloodletter. Oh, and Throe...wow!! He seems to be a VERY honorable male, and I cannot wait to learn much, much more about this male. And the threesome....it wasn't romantic, and it wasn't full of feeling, but OMG...I thought it was totally hawt! ;)

And then there's Veck....hellloooooo, Veck!!!!! I was completely thrilled to find out that he will be the hero in Envy!! Hawt, hawt!!! :P

Overall, I loved this book, and I enjoyed so much about it, but I do have a few gripes/criticisms. First and foremost is the WARDen's time consistency. It just doesn't jive. By the time Manny got Payne to the hospital for surgery, Jane states that Payne had only been injured four hours prior. However, Qhuinn had a thought previous to that scene about how JM and Xhex had already been mated. But at the end of LM, Payne and Xhex passed each other in the clinic room, and Xhex was mated the following day. It just doesn't line up for me. Then there is the mention of Payne being 305 years old. But V turned 303 when he met Jane, and according to the beginning of LUnl, Jane had only been dead a year. Small inconsistencies, but a bit annoying nonetheless. Also, I was a bit perplexed when V goes to Wrath to talk to him about allowing Manny into the Brotherhood mansion/lives for Payne, and V says that Payne has made a full recovery. Wrath acts surprised by that, but that doesn't make sense to me since Payne had just gone to Wrath not too long before that to ask permission to leave the compound to spend the evening with Manny out and about. So, that was a head scratcher for me. Other than that, my gripes are only that we didn't get more. I wish we had seen more of Manny and Payne AFTER they had finally fully gotten together...I wish that we had gotten a more in-depth glimpse into Manny and Payne's convo about the regression for him and fighting with the Brotherhood for Payne...I wish we'd get to see V and Jane's official mating...I wish we'd gotten to see some time spent b/t No'One and Payne...and of course, I wish we had just gotten a little bit more of the rest of the Brothers.

But all in all, I really loved so, so much of this book...it was wonderful to be back into the world of the BDB, and I am already in withdrawal waiting for Tohr's book.
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J.R. Ward, Lover Unleashed

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~~~Heather S.~~~ YAAYAYYAYAYY!! You finished!

Leigh LOL!!! yep - i finally finished, and i LOVED it!!!! :D

Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews YAY you finished!!!

Leigh LOL...finally!!!! damn work gets in the way! i LOVED it, though! it was fabulous!!

Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews YA Leigh im happy for ya X

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great review!

Leigh Thanks, sweets!! :)

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Love the review! Great, great book!

message 10: by Leigh (last edited Apr 05, 2011 07:06PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Leigh thanks, UM! and ITA!! it was great!!!!

Marisa Love your review Lele ... it's the 1st time i read a review that shows how i feel about this book. :) A reread is in order.

Leigh ~PJ20~ wrote: "Love your review Lele ... it's the 1st time i read a review that shows how i feel about this book. :) A reread is in order."

aww...thanks, M!!! :) enjoy that reread!!!

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