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What Curiosity Kills by Helen Ellis
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Jun 11, 10

Read in June, 2010

Meee-yeow! This book is like WARRIORS meets GOSSIP GIRL, and it's kind of dark and sometimes a little scary. But I'm a wimp and I think the WARRIORS books are scary. Who knew being a cat/cat person was so dangerous! If I turned into a cat I would prefer to be more like mine, fat and lazy with a pinch of spoiled rotten. No fights for me. Just a warm patch of sunlight, please. But if you want to embrace your wildcat side, check this book out.

Mary lives in New York City and attends an elite private school. Most of the girls there are snobby and hard to deal with, but Mary is pretty good at adapting and blending in. After all, she and her sister Octavia were adopted and they both appreciate everything they have. They both had very rough lives before this, and now they are surrounded by love and luxury compared to their humble beginnings. Everything has been going well up until now, but Mary has noticed strange things happening to her. She is feeling sick and is craving milk bad enough to try to lick it from the floor when it's spilled. If that isn't enough to freak her out, she is growing patches of what can only be described as fur. All Mary can think to do is hide what is happening because she's afraid that her parents will think she's a freak and try to send her back to where she came from. She knows she needs help, but who can she trust? Her friends and her sister wouldn't understand any more than she does. Mary's own curiosity soon lands her directly in the lap of someone who knows what is going on. This someone is an adorable guy from school, and he is just like her, of the feline persuasion. He and many others are involved in a turf war and are vying for control over the streets of New York. The cats and cat-people of the city are divided into two factions, strays and domestics, and they do not like each other. Mary is in the middle of this battle, like it or not, and things are about to get nasty. Inevitably, the fur will begin to fly.

I recommend this to ages 14+.

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