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Hidden Wives by Claire Avery
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Apr 25, 2010

it was amazing
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Read on June 04, 2010 , read count: once but WILL read again!

Nothing I can write here will do this book justice. I wish I was as talented with my words as the authors because maybe then there would be a chance for me to get my opinion through to the people who will see this.
I can't gush about Hidden Wives enough. I knew, before reading this, that I would love it. I had that feeling (hopefully you've had it also for a book and know what I mean!) after only seeing the cover and knowing the title. That's a great, great, super great feeling. Even though I knew I'd love Hidden Wives I was still shocked when I opened to the first page. I hadn't though about how much I'd love it - the very first sentence and I fell in love deeper.
I'm sure there will be people who don't like this book - there always are and not every book is for everyone - but I think those people will be few and far betwee. I'm not only amazed that this is the first novel from Claire Avery but also at the talent that poured out.
It's a rare, rare book that evokes such emotion. I've read much more non-fiction in my life than fiction and most of the non hasn't forced such feeling out of me.
There was a constant fight going on in my head because a part of me kept my eyes skipping ahead - I just had to know. Another part was making myself move as slow as possible so I could savor every sentence. One could say that I read this twice already because I reread every paragraph - and only because they were all so beautiful.
I have no doubt that I'll reread this many times over the years. I haven't reread a book, even from an all-time favorite author, in...... well, almost forever.
Even if the subject of polygamy doesn't interest you I would recommend not passing by this easily. Whether you're into non-fiction, fiction, whatever, this will probably touch you like you never imagined.
I felt such fear so many times and such joy so many others. I wanted to reach in the book and help Sara and Rachel and Irvin.
Irvin brings me to another subject. Race is a very sensitive subject with me. I don't like all the stereotypes and distinctions found everywhere. I don't like anything like that - in my eyes we're all the same and everyone should be treated and viewed the same. Most books have a hard time accomplishing this. A very hard time. Taking into account that Sara and Rachel grew up in a polygamist family and the problems with race they had to face, that part of the book could have easily went downhill. It was the opposite. I don't think I could name one other book I have ever, in my entire life, read that handles the subject so beautifully. There was nothing I would have wished differently and being that I'm so conscious of the subject that really says a lot.
I could go on forever about Hidden Wives. I had a ton of books piled up waiting for me and I bypassed them all because of the feeling I had about this book and I didn't let myself down. Or, I should say, Claire Avery didn't let me down.
I can only hope and pray that another book is in the works right now - I'll be in line to buy it the exact day it's released.
Please, do not pass this book up because you think it's only for a certain type of reader - exactly the opposite is true. This book is for so many people. You'll be missing out tremendously.
Please also take this review and times it by 1,000 because like I said above, my words cannot do justice to my feelings.
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38.69% "I don't know words to gush enough - the VERY FIRST sentence is when I fell in love... I may sleep with this book next to me tonight. :)"
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message 4: by Eva (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eva Leger Thanks Claire, it really looks good! And thanks for the compliment also. You don't have a way that readers can buy a signed book do you? I love collecting signed books (they're the only ones I really ever keep) and I don't have this yet so I thought I'd ask.

message 3: by Eva (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eva Leger lol... I guess it's obvious that I read far too many books to keep up with which is which huh? :) Sorry about that. I'm probably signed up for the contest here already because I always enter every few weeks for whatever catches my eye but I'm waiting on one that I just won so I won't win another for at least a few weeks. But I will buy it for sure. I'm going to favorite the link and keep your contact info and get ahold of you in June. Thanks a lot and I can't wait!

Kelly H. (Maybedog) I'm always wary about reading a fictional account of a controversial topic but I've been reading a lot about the FLDS recently and you've convinced me to give this book a try.

message 1: by Eva (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eva Leger Oh Kelly - you have to! I've actually had to fight the urge to come back and gush more about the book in my review in the days since I've read it. I made an entire new list for this book. I'll probably add one or two onto it also but this had to be the first.
I'm very leary of fiction like this too - especially since I love non-fiction so much but this reads just like non. Truly. It's really amazing. I can't say enough. When you read it you have to come back and tell me what you think so we can talk!

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