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Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews
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Apr 16, 12

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Re-read in 2012.

Holy Shit! I love this series. I've spent the last 24 hours burning through Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2) and Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3). My eyes are blurry, my head is fuzzy, and I still have a smile plastered across my face. Did I mention that I loved this series?

Where to start, where to start? I think I shall devote this review to a bit of fangirl squeeing.

When I finished Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1), I was on the fence about how I felt about it. I needed a nudge to push me past my distaste for the writing style. I'm over it, and that nudge was at the hands of fantastic storytelling laced with blood, guts, cursing, humor, steam and smash hit, winning characters. The world building and plots of these books is incredible. Each book stands alone, presenting a monster of the week type format, while also contributing to an overall series arc. The end result leaves me feeling satisfied, but chomping at the bit for more. The book's plots are original, fast paced, and interesting.

On to the characters. Kate Daniels has endeared herself as my favorite heroine, period. She's intelligent, kind, but can kick major ass and is anything but nice. Unlike a majority of Urban Fantasy heroines, she doesn't suffer from excessive manners. If she wants to kill you, she'll tell you to eat shit and die, then make you eat shit and die. I like that sort of directness in a person, especially in a female. She has a huge capacity to love, but would prefer not to fall in its clutches for no other reason than to spare those she loves from the evil fate that surely awaits her. But what ultimately won me over, was the fact that she doesn't make foolish choices because of this fear. She loves anyway, she recognizes the raw need, and gives into temptation. As a result, I have yet to grit my teeth at her, not even once. That has never happened to me ever. I understand and agree with her every choice. How awesome is that?

Curran, oh Curran, you make me swoon. Like Kate, I struggled with my feelings for him throughout the book. I wondered, "Does he really love her, or is it a game?" So naturally I wasn’t bothered by Kate's reluctance towards him. But the end of Magic Strikes leaves no room for doubt. Curran loves her, and would go to hell and back to keep her safe. How do you resist a hottie that would die at your feet? Yet more than anything, what I love most about Curran, is his subtle charm. He isn't showy about his feelings. He doggedly pursues her, but presents himself in such a way that is endearing, while also leaving you questioning his sincerity. It makes for an interesting, chemistry filled courtship and I am eating it up!

Having two amazing characters is more than enough to make most books float, but this series has them in abundance, which ultimately allows me to look past the bundle of questions I still have. Derek warms my heart and evokes a maternal instinct from me. I want him to smile, be happy and safe. Raphael makes me laugh at his attempts to help Kate provoke Curran,then can make me squee like a love struck girl in his determination to woo his lady love, Andrea, who I also enjoy immensely.

This series just has it going on. It makes no pretenses. The characters don’t contradict themselves by refusing to behave like badasses while being badasses. They embrace what they are. Dark in theme, Andrews doesn’t spare her readers on gory detail, which only enriches the plot, ensuring readers understand the significant danger these characters face. And yet, Andrews expertly weaves these dark themes with demonstrations of love and friendship and humor so subtle that you don’t notice it until you laugh out loud. I cannot wait for the next installment!

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Penny Okay. Now read this:



message 3: by Heather (last edited Apr 26, 2010 06:14AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Heather I love him too. I'm going to go through withdrawls, hell, who am I kidding, I already am.

Angie *grin* Awesome review.

Love it, love it, love it!

Heather Thank you Angie. I feel jittery today, I can't get this story out of my mind, lol.

message 6: by Tom (new)

Tom Did the writing style change after book 1 or did you just get used to it? You said that the books stand alone would it be worth skipping book 1 or just push through it?

Heather The writing doesn't change, you just become more endeared to the characters and you become more familiar with the world. This writing duo literarly drops you into the world in book 1 without much information to go on. Rather, they introduce you to characters and you piece things together over time. I wouldn't advise skipping books, and this series becomes great by book 3. With that said, I still enjoyed the first two, they just get progressively better.

message 8: by Cas (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cas Same boat. I'm nearly done with book four in less than 24 hours

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