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Someday, Someday, Maybe
it was amazing
More like 4.5, but I'll be generous because it's flipping Lauren GRAHAM!!! Very funny book! And I found the main character extremely sympathetic and w ...more
Feb 10, 2014
Feb 02, 2014
The Crossover
it was ok
I can see why this won the Newbery, but it was too sad for my liking. Also, if they were Christian, (view spoiler) ...more
Apr 08, 2015
Apr 07, 2015
Dashing Through the Snow
liked it
Implausible cheesy fluff. Definitely cute, but I liked Mr. Miracle better.
Nov 11, 2016
Nov 05, 2016
To Kill a Mockingbird
it was amazing
This one is a classic for a reason. Heartfelt story gorgeous prose, memorable characters. Should not have waited so long to read this. Thanks, Hannah ...more
Nov 15, 2015
Oct 21, 2015
The Host  (The Host, #1)
really liked it
Wow, this book took a long time to finish. And not because it was boring. It's just long and I've been busy and/or sick the entire month of March. I l ...more
Apr 06, 2013
Jun 07, 2012
Crossed (Matched, #2)
liked it
I'm sure this book was supposed to feel like an epic survival tale, but I found myself surprisingly bored. I liked the additions of Eli and Indie, but ...more
May 28, 2015
May 15, 2015
Silent Partner: The Graphic Novel
did not like it
I read this book on recommendation of the author by a colleague at work. All I can say is no thanks. I felt so dirty after reading this convoluted tal ...more
Mar 2013
Feb 08, 2013
The Story of Ferdinand
liked it
This story was bull. ;)
Sep 20, 2015
Sep 14, 2015
The Marvels
it was ok
I loved this book until the last third. By the end I wanted to chuck it out the window. The message I got from this book is that (view spoiler) ...more
Jan 11, 2016
Sep 05, 2015
Roses Have Thorns: A Novel of Elizabeth I (Ladies in Waiting #3)
it was amazing
This one's actually more like 4 1/2 stars, but I feel like being generous. For what it was, it gets 5 stars. My enjoyment was only 4 stars worth becau ...more
Sep 02, 2013
Oct 04, 2012
The Christmas Shoppe
liked it
Didn't like this one as much as her other Christmas stories. I don't know if it was the cheese factor or the fact that we never find out who - or what ...more
Dec 14, 2013
Sep 26, 2013
Far Far Away
it was amazing
I just finished this book, and OMG the feels right now! I can't even... *blubbers inconsolably* This is about as well-crafted a YA novel I have ever r ...more
Mar 25, 2015
Oct 07, 2014
A Christmas Guest (Christmas Stories, #3)
liked it
Incest is bad boys and girls...
Nov 10, 2016
Nov 05, 2016
Awful Ogre Running Wild
it was ok
Oct 18, 2015
Oct 13, 2015
Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)
liked it
This one was wayyyyyyyyy too violent for my taste. Also, why did the author feel the need to introduce unnecessary sexual themes involving escort droi ...more
Oct 15, 2015
Apr 08, 2015
The Clockwork Scarab (Stoker & Holmes, #1)
it was amazing
This book was just as much fun as I thought it would be. Although I sympathized more with Mina, the genius social outcast, I enjoyed the adventures of ...more
Oct 17, 2014
Dec 11, 2013
Illusions of Fate
it was amazing
%^$&%$* no words for the awesomeness of this title! White has (IMHO) outdone her predecessor's Howl's Moving Castle with this masterpiece of magic ...more
May 26, 2015
Dec 23, 2014
The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus, #2)
it was amazing
I like all the Percy Jackson books, but I found this one particularly clever. The way Riordan works Greek and Roman mythology into the real world in t ...more
Jun 09, 2016
Jul 13, 2012
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Flavia de Luce, #1)
it was amazing
I just wanted to eat this book up! Flavia is an adorable little genius with just a touch of wicked in her. I can't say I approve of the way she handle ...more
Sep 30, 2015
Jan 16, 2014
Doctor Who: Babblesphere (Destiny of the Doctor, #4)
it was amazing
A fascinating parable about what can happen when technology takes over one's life. Masterfully read by one of the actresses who played Romana.
Sep 10, 2016
Aug 14, 2016
Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)
really liked it
I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the previous two. There were no Hunger Games, so that was a plus, but the first third was a bit tedious. The l ...more
Aug 25, 2012
Jun 07, 2012
Code Name Verity (Code Name Verity, #1)
really liked it
This is probably more like 4.5 stars. It would've been five if the author hadn't ripped my heart out and stomped on it so much. lol Nice twist that I ...more
Jun 21, 2013
Mar 13, 2013
Saints (Boxers & Saints, #2)
it was amazing
I really needed this book today. Thank you, Mr. Yang!
Jun 13, 2015
Jun 12, 2015
The Neverending Story
it was amazing
More like 4.5, but it's a classic, so I bumped it up.Parts of it were a bit too derivative of Narnia and Lord of the Rings, but overall, a solid fanta ...more
Oct 21, 2015
Sep 18, 2015
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
it was amazing
This is one of the best books I've read in a long time. The dystopian future world of Panem reminded me scarily of our own. Collins writing style make ...more
Jul 12, 2012
Jun 07, 2012
How to Twist a Dragon's Tale (How to Train Your Dragon, #5)
it was amazing
David Tennant's voices are so great. I'm torn between being jealous of his wife and jealous of his children. ;)
Oct 24, 2016
Sep 28, 2016
Dark Shimmer
it was amazing
Excellent non-magical retelling of Snow White set in Renaissance Venice. The beginning is a bit slow-moving as well as a bit of a slow reveal. Some of ...more
Mar 24, 2016
Sep 05, 2015
Spies and Prejudice
really liked it
I would actually give this more like 3.5 stars. The plot was a bit contrived and too "twisty" at points. I had trouble figuring out who knew what and ...more
Jan 26, 2014
Sep 06, 2013
Lizard Sees the World
really liked it
Cute book, but the "moral" was a bit ham-handed at the end.
Nov 03, 2016
Oct 14, 2016
How to Train Your Dragon
it was amazing
The rating is for the amazing performance by David Tennant on the audiobook. How many voices does this man have? Incredible! His Toothless was especia ...more
Aug 21, 2014
May 27, 2014
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