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The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World
The two things I heard most in my youth: "Where did you get that red hair?" (which always struck me as wildly dumb, and/or inappropriate. what if I wa...more
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Jul 22, 2007
The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible
This is a riot so far - it's great to read something about the bible that is written by someone as secular as myself. I often find that my curiousity...more
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Oct 17, 2007
Woman: An Intimate Geography
AMAZING. Natalie Angier combines lyricism, wit, humor, feminism and science to create a very readable and insightful compendium on all things wicked a...more
Jan 2000
May 25, 2007
The Death and Life of Great American Cities
I recommended the Modern Library Series printing because it has a really nice forward that gives an uninitiated Jacobs reader some background as to wh...more
Jan 2006
May 25, 2007
The Art of Cuisine: The Inventive Cooking of Toulouse-Lautrec
Gorgeous, perfect, totally impractical cookbook. In the culinary notes:
"This book was written in an age when recipe books were exciting but rather imp...more
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Aug 27, 2007
Journalistas: 100 Years of the Best Writing and Reporting by Women Journalists
An excerpt from an Emma Goldman piece included in this inspiring collection of trail blazing female journalists:

"At this most critical moment it becom...more
Jan 2006
May 25, 2007
Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion
A friend of mine was saying how she believed all children to be inherently spiritual. I won't exactly argue that, but what I believe to be more true i...more
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Jun 09, 2008
Caramba!: A Tale Told in Turns of the Card
I picked this book for the cover! When I saw it sitting on the 'recommended reads' shelf at my public library a few years ago, it was like love at fir...more
Jan 2004
May 25, 2007
Plenty: Vibrant Recipes from London's Ottolenghi
In the world of "food porn", the carnivores dominate. I am so pleased to find this sumptuous tome devoted to vegetables that boasts just as many decad...more
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Jun 18, 2012
Oz: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
I ran across this at the library today and fell in love with the illustrations. Oz was my Hogwarts way back when, and I still adore the mix of fantasy...more
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Mar 25, 2013
Moongirl: The Collector's Edition Book and DVD Gift Set
Illustrations are absolutely gorgeous: dark and dreamy with lots of dramatic illumination and cute big-eyed characters. It's like Caravaggio meets Tim...more
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Dec 26, 2007
Mystics, Mavericks, and Merrymakers: An Intimate Journey Among Hasidic Girls
Before I moved to nyc, I had a very vague and miscontrued perseption of Hasidim. While I lived in Williamsburg, a neighborhood on the cusp of a large...more
Jan 2006
May 26, 2007
Joseph Cornell: Master of Dreams
Joseph Cornell (from what little I know of him) was an eccentric loner in Queens who created meticulous gorgeous assemblage pieces that evoked magic,...more
Jan 2003
May 26, 2007
The Woman That Never Evolved
I'm so spoiled by Natalie Angier. Hrdy's writing isn't at all the saucy romp that Angier's is, but it is due to scientists like Hrdy that Angier is ab...more
Jul 2007
May 26, 2007
Cowboy and Octopus
The Knock Knock chapter is especially wonderful and hilarious.
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Jul 12, 2012
Olive's Pirate Party
CUTE story about a swashbuckling little maven named...Olive! She's about to have a birthday party, and wants to impress her pals (who doesn't?!) so th...more
Mar 2007
Jun 05, 2007
Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
This smallish sized book certainly packs a punch. I was thrilled to be able to finish it in a couple of days, but the ideas presented by Gladwell will...more
Jun 2007
Jun 01, 2007
What is the What
At first I was hesitant to read What is the What, but once I began it was exceedingly difficult to stop.
Genocide is not necessarily something that I...more
Apr 2007
May 25, 2007
Water for Elephants
This was fun, I read it in a couple of days, loved the seedy circus theme and the fact that she did her research. However I was not taken with the hum...more
not set
Aug 23, 2007
The Kite Runner
This was another hesitant read for me...modern tales involving pointless mass slaughter and displacement depress me to the core. Anyhow, once I starte...more
Mar 2007
May 25, 2007
The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science
Another witty, brilliant, and wry take on the magical mysteries of science. I'm only 1/4 of the way through, and have a shiny new respect and comprehe...more
May 2007
May 25, 2007
Passionate Nomad: The Life of Freya Stark
I loved the narration of her journeys, but was dissapointed that so many of her travels were riddled with preoccupation of pressure to find the right...more
Jul 2007
Jun 01, 2007
Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East
Extremely disciplined, focused, well referenced, and HEFTY!

I can't say that I enjoyed this book particularly, but definitely learned that my pedestri...more
Jul 2007
Jun 19, 2007
Taxi!: A Social History of the New York City Cabdriver
Even after living in nyc for years and taking cabs or carservices on a regular basis, I still have a romanticized notion of the cabdriver. This book o...more
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Jun 24, 2007
Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx
I was up until 3am last night finishing this book, it's one of those...
The amount of detail provided, from the day to day minutia to the life-changing...more
Jun 2007
May 26, 2007
The Mother Trip: Hip Mama's Guide to Staying Sane in the Chaos of Motherhood
Ah, the first book on parenting I ever read! I went through the text-book 5 stages of reacting to accidental pregnancy: Disbelief, elation, panic, pan...more
not set
May 26, 2007
Collected Works: Wise Blood / A Good Man is Hard to Find / The Violent Bear it Away / Everything that Rises Must Converge / Essays and Letters (Library of America #39)
I can't believe it took me 29 years to finally read Flannery O'Connor. Maybe reading her during the festive winter holidays wasn't the greatest choice...more
Dec 2006
May 26, 2007
Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance
Obama's voice in this book felt very candid; I was enthralled with his description of growing up in Indonesia, and the complicated identity pressures...more
Jan 2007
May 25, 2007
Invisible Man
Gorgeous beautiful sobering novel that tracks the gradual, heartbreaking, inevitable destruction of an identity due to the fucked up American Way. Thi...more
Jan 1999
May 29, 2007
Prisoners: A Muslim and a Jew Across the Middle East Divide
This is a compelling true life tale of an American Jewish journalist's (and former Isreali Military Police Officer) pilgrimage to the front lines of Z...more
May 2007
May 25, 2007
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