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Hannah's Dream
This is a nice story about an elephant and her caretaker. Hannah and Sam's close relationship is central, surrounded by the people Sam works with in a...more
Mar 09, 2014
Mar 07, 2014
One Last Thing Before I Go
Four and a half stars.
Silver is a pathetic, middle-aged, divorced drummer who plays weddings and the like after being in a one-hit wonder band 8 years...more
Oct 31, 2012
Jul 31, 2012
Heading Out to Wonderful
Four and a half stars.
Robert Goolrick is quickly earning a spot on my list of favorite authors. His first novel, A Reliable Wife, was fantastic and I...more
Jul 03, 2012
Jun 05, 2012
Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)
Four and 3/4 stars.
We return to find Katniss now living back in District 12 in the Victor's Village with her mother and Prim, her little sister, and...more
not set
May 06, 2012
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
Well, put me on the Hunger Games bandwagon. I cannot believe how awesome this book is.......I put it off for months even though seemingly everyone I k...more
not set
Apr 22, 2012
The Lifeboat
I am seesawing over 3 or 4 stars.......the writing is excellent and worthy of 4 full stars, but the overall feeling was not so kind to our fellow man....more
not set
May 18, 2012
Stella Bain
Four and a half stars:
In 1916, Stella Bain has lost her memory as a result of shell shock in WWI. She is a volunteer nurse's aide from New Hampshire n...more
not set
Nov 24, 2013
The Heretic's Daughter
3.5 stars
I learned a lot from this novel, mainly the fact that I am SO GLAD NOT to have lived during this horrible time! The Salem witch trials occurr...more
Dec 14, 2011
Dec 12, 2011
The Pull of The Moon
Nan has just turned 50 and is not handling it very well. In fact, she takes off on a spontaneous roadtrip with no destination and no notice to her fam...more
Jan 27, 2014
Jan 23, 2014
Shotgun Lovesongs
Four and a half stars.
A group of close friends have grown up together in the small farming town of Little Wing, Wisconsin. Though some of them have mo...more
Jun 09, 2014
Jun 04, 2014
Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home
I loved this book because it made me laugh as well as really stop and think. Rhoda Janzen knows how to laugh at herself and everything life can throw...more
not set
Jun 08, 2011
Despite not being a fan of science fiction, the reviews and the plot drew me to this hugely entertaining story. Ken Grimwood is an engrossing writer a...more
Feb 13, 2014
Feb 08, 2014
The Photograph
This is my second reading of Penelope Lively, and once again, it took me quite a few pages before I got used to her writing style. She tends to write...more
not set
Sep 27, 2013
The Remains of the Day
Five+ big stars:
Where have I been? Cannot believe this beautifully written gem of a novel has escaped me so many years.
It may not be action-packed or...more
Jul 22, 2014
Jul 16, 2014
The Night Trilogy: Night/Dawn/The Accident
These books are hard to read, as it is a true first-person portrayal of the horrors of concentration camps (Night) and then the permanent mental and e...more
Nov 06, 2009
Nov 02, 2009
Outliers: The Story of Success
This is an interesting explanation of what makes successful people just that- successful. It seems to have to do with the right combination of opportu...more
not set
Apr 21, 2009
A Walk Across the Sun
Four and a half stars.
Firstly, I was surprised that this turned out to be a thriller! I was not expecting it to be so, but it completely worked.
Mar 26, 2012
Mar 19, 2012
The Center of Everything
I was told to read this by a BFF and she was so right! You will love this coming-of-age book told through the eyes of Evelyn, growing up in smalltown...more
Aug 27, 2012
Aug 21, 2012
Those Who Save Us
For fans of historical fiction, this book is for you. Anna is a young new mother as WWII hits her small town of Weimar, Germany.
Ok, I can already hea...more
May 24, 2012
May 18, 2012
The Age of Innocence
Four and a half stars- what a great classic- it did take me a couple of chapters to get into it, but then I REALLY got into it. Ms. Wharton's satiric...more
not set
Nov 17, 2010
First Family (Sean King & Michelle Maxwell, #4)
Normally I am not a fan of thrillers except for Baldacci- he is a great writer and his books always promise excitement and good mystery.
First Family i...more
not set
May 11, 2009
How It All Began
What an interesting storyline- one day 76-year-old Charlotte is mugged in London which not only affects her life, but the butterfly effect touches her...more
Mar 19, 2012
Mar 12, 2012
The Portrait of a Lady
This is the meat-and-potatoes of reading.
What a hearty classic - anyone who appreciates a good classic should put this on your list, if you haven't al...more
not set
Jul 15, 2011
3 1/2- 4 stars:
Schroder is a tragic character: all his life he has made bad decisions; not with malicious intent, but rather spontaneous actions that...more
Aug 07, 2014
Jul 29, 2014
State of Wonder
Ann Patchett is definitely one of my favorite authors- up until now Bel Canto was her best one, but State of Wonder just stole that prize. From the ve...more
Jun 29, 2011
Jun 21, 2011
A Lesson Before Dying
Four and a half stars. How come this must-read classic is only coming to my attention now? I do not know how it has escaped me all these years.
This is...more
Dec 21, 2012
Dec 13, 2012
I am Forbidden
I am Forbidden is a fascinating account of life inside the world of Hasidic Judaism. The extremely rigid rules and highly pious culture sound impossib...more
Nov 09, 2012
Oct 31, 2012
The Art of Hearing Heartbeats
Have you ever picked up a book, read the synopsis and maybe some reviews, and thought "this is going to be really good"? And then you read it and it I...more
May 19, 2014
May 09, 2014
The Twelve Tribes of Hattie
Four and a half stars.
Have you ever read a book simply because it would not leave you alone? I did not want to read it, but every time I looked at a b...more
Jan 10, 2013
Jan 02, 2013
A Week in Winter
Thank you, Maeve Binchy, for sharing your gift of storytelling with the world. Your books wrap around their readers like a warm hug, soothing and cozy...more
Apr 02, 2013
Mar 24, 2013
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