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Zone One
Zone One bats clean-up after Shaun of the Dead in the ironic zombie literature line-up. Where Shaun wanted to show how easy and delightful it is to ha ...more
Aug 2011
Sep 08, 2011
A Confession
It shouldn't surprise you when it happens, but it always does: you read someone's thoughts from over a hundred years ago and they mirror yours, exactl ...more
Aug 2010
Aug 20, 2010
The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy
Ultimately, a pretty disappointing book. As a big fan of the Sports Guy's columns about the NBA, I thought I would be laughing from beginning to end a ...more
Jan 2010
Nov 03, 2009
The Death of Virgil
This novel had a huge impact on me, as a vision of our conscious transformation from a cause-and-effect view of the world into a perception of the ete ...more
Jan 2011
Dec 27, 2010
The Oath: The Obama White House and The Supreme Court
This meticulously reported and expertly narrated book is, on the one hand, thrilling, and on the other hand, quite depressing, at least for progressiv ...more
Sep 2012
Aug 29, 2012
An Economist Gets Lunch: New Rules for Everyday Foodies
Consider this book the highlights of a unique food blog, where an economist living in the suburb puts a great deal of thought into what he eats, where ...more
Apr 27, 2012
Apr 18, 2012
Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality
The "Kitchen Confidential" for the hotel industry, and I do not make that comparison lightly. Tomsky has the wit and fire of Bourdain, and the balls t ...more
May 2012
May 03, 2012
Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish
I "read" this book by attending a marathon reading of it by more than 60 of David's friends and family. Of course, it was a moving event, but what it ...more
Jul 2013
Jul 18, 2013
This Side of Paradise
Read on the Kindle.

"At 5 o'clock he felt the need of hearing his own voice, so he retreated to his house to see if any one else had arrived."

"I've g
May 24, 2009
Jun 10, 2009
The Wraith
Finally, the masculine answer to chick-lit has been made. Behold Goodloe Byron's grime-lit novel, featuring everyday young men wallowing in grungy int ...more
Mar 11, 2010
Feb 28, 2010
Revisions of Goodloe Byron
Revisions Of, a novel soon to be handed out for free at a street corner near you, follows the story of Nathan First as he compiles the writings of a c ...more
Apr 2009
May 03, 2009
The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death
There are two reasons to read this enhanced special edition Director's Cut of Colson Whitehead's highly regarded Grantland article about his time as t ...more
Jul 2013
Jul 29, 2013
Hello to my new favorite poem of all time. And it's a single sentence.

a path through the wilderness of days to come,
and the gloomy splendor of misery
Sep 07, 2009
Sep 03, 2009
The Chance You Won't Return
When you look back at the memories of the hardest times of your childhood, you tend to be very careful, thinking through every angle of the incidents ...more
May 2014
May 15, 2014
The Wall (Intimacy) and Other Stories
There's a reason that Sartre *is* existentialism. He approaches his subject's angst with a patience and dread that not even Camus can match. The title ...more
Aug 2010
Jul 22, 2010
The Magicians (The Magicians, #1)

Now I realize why every review of this book references other fantasy series. Lev Grossman purposefully makes them part of the meta-world of The Magici
Jul 2012
Jul 16, 2012
Almost Transparent Blue
I was looking forward to reading this book for a long time. It's out of print in English, so tracking down a copy was a bit of a hassle, as I had a co ...more
May 2013
May 13, 2013
The Outlaw Sea: A World of Freedom, Chaos, and Crime
A riveting and revealing story about anarchy on the high seas. There is so much ocean, and no one is in control of it at all. The shipping industry is ...more
Oct 2009
Oct 14, 2009
Death and the King's Horseman: A Play
Not a clash of colonial cultures but a deadly collision of pride, religion and philosophy. Two men, both bent on the correctness of their ways, destro ...more
Oct 2009
Oct 22, 2009
The Revolt of the Angels
A clever and mischievous take on the theology of modern society, The Revolt of the Angels follows the path of Arcade, a lowly guardian angel, as he ha ...more
Apr 2010
Apr 02, 2010
Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family
An architectural marvel, made of only the simplest parts. Four generations of family slowly, inexorably spiral down into ruin. What's remarkable is th ...more
Jun 17, 2009
Jul 05, 2009
Marooned in Realtime (Across Realtime, #2)
The plot of this book is imaginative and thrilling. Humans have invented a way to advance themselves forward in time for however long they wish, bring ...more
Oct 2013
Oct 22, 2013
Tortilla Flat
I loved this book. The characters in it are happy to be alive, and they transfer their joy to you through Steinbeck's witty, fast, and effortlessly pr ...more
Mar 2011
Mar 11, 2011
Ice Trilogy
The book questions whether all of human progress has taken us away from salvation, not along moral channels the way most religions do, but along techn ...more
Apr 2011
Mar 29, 2011
The Fall
Like a litmus test for psychosis and self-absortion: see how far you can read before your disgust overcomes your intrigue. And then, like any of Camus ...more
Oct 2009
Oct 08, 2009
In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette
It's rare that a 19th-century history becomes a page-turner, but there I was, well after midnight, unwilling to put the book down until I found out wh ...more
not set
May 15, 2014
China Rich Girlfriend (Crazy Rich Asians #2)
Many of the timeless works of art that hang in the museums of the world - and in the opulent homes of the wealthy - are commissioned portraits of roya ...more
Jan 2015
Feb 27, 2015
The Land of Green Plums
A land of no hope, in a book outside of time. The narrator and her three male friends, all quiet rebels in an oppressed post-war Romania, think their ...more
Feb 24, 2011
Feb 25, 2011
Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook
This is the sort of book I buy when I become overloaded with literary novels, and then, a few chapters in, become so impatient with the writing and st ...more
Nov 2011
Nov 26, 2011
Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar
Isn't it convenient that when someone writes Sugar about how to find love even with a physically deformed body, she happens to have a friend who was b ...more
Jun 25, 2013
Jun 24, 2013
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