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The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself
Usually books whose cover shows a horse (or unicorn) galloping through the surf of a random shore are not my cup of tea. However, whenever I find myse ...more
Dec 27, 2012
Jan 09, 2013
The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles
This probably would've been a much more impressive book if I didn't have a background in molecular and cell biology. I'm not saying that science can't ...more
Jun 10, 2011
Jul 18, 2011
The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions
As both a scientist and a believer, there are few things that make me squirm with more gusto than hearing other scientists spout dogmatic baloney for ...more
Jan 15, 2009
Dec 12, 2008
Sharpe's Tiger (Sharpe, #1)
Bloody hell.

In order to confuse all future readers of these books, Bernard Cornwell wrote them out of order. This is actually the first of the Sharpe'
Dec 27, 2011
Jan 09, 2012
A Brief History of Thought: A Philosophical Guide to Living (Learning to Live, #1)
I'd like to sit and read the writings of certain philosophers all day for a few weeks solid just to gauge how much more comfortable life might be on t ...more
Oct 19, 2012
Jan 09, 2013
Shoeless Joe
I have a feeling I would've liked the movie better even if I'd read the book first. From a style standpoint, the author pumps out metaphors like a cok ...more
Jun 29, 2011
Jul 18, 2011
Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Towards Self-Realization
Heavy on the scholarship, but holy crap...if you have any kind of neurosis/neuroses, you'll be reading your life's story within Karen Horney's analysi ...more
not set
Jun 11, 2008
Answer to Job
Job is the most beautifully written book in the bible, period. It's more prose than anything else. Jung's Answer to Job's cry of 'Why' is amazing. Jun ...more
not set
Jun 11, 2008
Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living
A quick and enjoyable read. Nick (we're tight) describes his road to the present being paved with making choices that fed his soul rather than his wal ...more
Jul 2014
Nov 27, 2014
The Art of Racing in the Rain
The true hero is flawed. The true test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles-preferably of his own making ...more
Aug 10, 2009
Jul 23, 2009
American Gods (American Gods, #1)
I saw most of this book as a spewing fountain of 'OK' until about the last third when it transformed into a raging river of 'Really great, actually'. ...more
Aug 23, 2013
Dec 24, 2012
Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto
I am a loner. That's just the way it is. I'm the kind of loner, however, that does have the 'social butterfly' gene, though it's definitely recessive. ...more
Aug 29, 2009
Sep 11, 2009
The Night Circus
If I had read this book the old fashioned way (paper, ink, literacy, etc.), it would've probably elicited four stars. There was some monologue-ing at ...more
Nov 23, 2014
Sep 08, 2013
Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish
That the book is written in verse (and really well, too) is reason enough to gush. Add to this the interweaving of characters' lives, the emotional he ...more
Dec 19, 2013
Sep 08, 2013
Pride and Prejudice
This is my first experience with the Jane Austen world of books that seem to be loved by default. I poo-poo'd the book for a long time because I'd ste ...more
Jun 25, 2008
Jun 11, 2008
How the Irish Saved Civilization
Yeah. They did, really. The idea is that when the goths and visigoths and, hell, pick an army of unwashed savages, sacked civilization in the form Rom ...more
not set
Jun 11, 2008
Pirate Coast: Thomas Jefferson, the First Marines & the Secret Mission of 1805
My expectations for unabridged audio books are that they keep me engaged as I drive through the midwest. Those of you who have ever driven through the ...more
Mar 09, 2009
Mar 16, 2009
The Magic (The Secret, #3)
Ok. So, here's the thing ...

The degree that you are grateful for your health is the exact degree that your health will magically increase, and the deg
Jan 31, 2014
Feb 20, 2014
Shrinkage: Manhood, Marriage, and the Tumor That Tried to Kill Me
Back when Loveline with Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew was syndicated all over hell and high water, I recall being as entertained by the clever little soun ...more
Jul 02, 2014
Nov 27, 2014
Open Mike: From Corporate Radio to New Media: The Story of The Mike O'Meara Show
When I was stationed in Alaska in the late 90s, there was a radio station that broadcast The Don & Mike Show from D.C. every day. When I got trans ...more
May 2014
Oct 16, 2014
The Face of Battle
This has been on the 'Want to Read' shelf for a really, REALLY long time. As often happens, it was a chance finding in a used bookstore for $1 that nu ...more
Apr 2014
Oct 16, 2014
Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)
I can't supply enough 'meh' for how this book hit me. Perhaps it's my cold, black heart telling its weary tale of being both cold and black, but by th ...more
Jul 06, 2012
Nov 27, 2012
Dark Nights of the Soul: A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals
I recently spent a day in a bookstore where I read this and another book in a single sitting. The other book was planned; this one was random. Admitte ...more
Aug 18, 2012
Aug 19, 2012
Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage
Let's do the 'Feedback Sandwich' thing that misguided HR departments and mediocre managers the world over swear by:

Elizabeth Gilbert has a lovely voic
Nov 28, 2012
Jan 09, 2013
The Forgotten 500: The Untold Story of the Men Who Risked All for the Greatest Rescue Mission of World War II
If there's a great deal of repetition in a book, nothing will make it more obvious than listening to the entire thing during a couple days' worth of d ...more
Oct 02, 2011
Dec 14, 2011
The Wordy Shipmates
Tongue-in-cheek history is A-OK in my book as long as the person whose cheek is being tongued has done their homework and isn't just cobbling together ...more
Oct 08, 2010
Oct 22, 2010
Cold Mountain
I'd always heard how beautifully written this book was, so when I saw a hardback version in a used bookstore for $6, 'YOINK', it was mine. Everything ...more
Sep 26, 2011
Sep 27, 2011
The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, #1)
'A god omniscient and omnipotent and also powerless to stop evil remains a theological perplexity, even as it becomes a prop for faith. It gives you t ...more
Apr 29, 2012
May 22, 2012
Pacific Crucible: War at Sea in the Pacific, 1941-1942
The book covers the state of the American and Japanese military and society, in general, prior to and ~6 months following Pearl Harbor. A lot of quali ...more
Nov 28, 2011
Jan 09, 2012
For Liberty and Glory: Washington, Lafayette, and Their Revolutions
When character and circumstance crash together, what ends up happening is a bunch of history. I think Socrates said that. Or maybe Ovid. Whatever. Wri ...more
Jul 23, 2010
Jul 24, 2010
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