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Get Me Out of Here: My Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder
I thought about not putting this on my reviews, because my penchant for mental health recovery memoirs is getting embarrassing, but -- this one was re...more
Nov 2007
Jan 08, 2008
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
I went out and bought this book immediately after hearing a paper on it at a recent conference. The paper had to do with narrative strategies that chi...more
Apr 2008
Apr 27, 2008
Madness: A Bipolar Life
Hornbacher's _Wasted_ is probably the most perceptive book ever written on eating disorders, so I went ahead and bought the hardback of this "sequel"...more
Apr 2008
May 29, 2008
Minding My Mitochondria: How I Overcame Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Got Out of My Wheelchair
Like probably everyone else reading this book right now, I heard of Terry Wahls by getting a link to her Ted talk:
Feb 2012
Mar 04, 2012
The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression
Depression: more complicated than the Lexapro ads would have you believe.

An intelligent and very thorough interdisciplinary introduction, but with a...more
Dec 2006
May 22, 2007
The Sisters: The Saga of the Mitford Family
The Mitford sisters -- split between love affairs with fascists, with Hitler, with the Communist party, and with the written word (plus two spare sist...more
Nov 2009
May 10, 2010
The experience of reading this book is one of being swept so effectively into someone else's experience that I have to give it a five. Pick it up, lie...more
Jul 2011
Jul 12, 2011
Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going Home
A perfectly fluffy hospital read. Janzen, after a series of disasters (a botched hysterectomy, a cheating husband, and a catastrophic car accident) mo...more
Oct 2010
Dec 29, 2010
The Country Girls Trilogy
The smartest and most hilarious possible response to the catastrophe of being born female in the rural west of Ireland at mid-century.

The trilogy actu...more
Jul 2012
Aug 02, 2012
Grow the Good Life: Why a Vegetable Garden Will Make You Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
The New York Times said this would inspire anyone who read it to grow a vegetable garden. So, as a person who has been procrastinating on that very ta...more
Jun 2011
Jul 07, 2011
Animal Dreams
**spoiler alert** Let's say you are a completely unlikable medical-school-dropout who's had a somewhat unpleasant but not exactly trauma-worthy childh...more
May 2013
Aug 25, 2013
Gone Girl
Should you read this extremely celebrated, possibly over-hyped best-seller dominating summer reading lists in 2012? I mean, a woman gone missing and t...more
Jul 2012
Jul 29, 2012
Texas Girl
“I didn’t believe in fate. I didn’t believe in ‘it will happen when it is supposed to happen.’ . . . I didn’t believe in anything but the drive.” (139...more
Jul 2014
Jul 24, 2014
How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers
My partner is quite impaired by a chronic condition about which the medical community knows little. The whole situation creates problems I really woul...more
not set
Mar 11, 2013
Heir to the Glimmering World
This was a reasonably satisfying read -- good stuff for curling up in bed during a cold night -- but the story of a wildly disaffected, almost schizoi...more
Feb 2007
May 22, 2007
Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence
This book should probably be called "Passages in caregiving for exceedingly well-connected and wealthy people, plus some advice on all the neat things...more
Apr 2014
May 04, 2014
The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration
If you'll excuse my lack of creativity in opening lines, this book is really, really, really absorbing. Isabel Wilkerson is pretty much the mad genius...more
Mar 2014
Mar 14, 2014
The Fault in Our Stars
Was it a cringe-worthy tale of adolescent wish-fulfillment (who doesn't want to hear all their closest friends eulogize them?) further marred by stilt...more
Mar 2013
Jun 10, 2013
Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things
"Forty years ago, facilities for storing unused personal possessions were virtually nonexistent. Now nearly two billion square feet of space can be re...more
Aug 2013
Aug 25, 2013
Brick Lane
Our humble heroine, Nazneen, moves from her childhood rural village in Bangladesh to London for an arranged marriage and learns to love Western-style...more
Jun 2008
Jun 13, 2008
Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me
If I was rating this book for earnest good intentions and an ability to stay engaging while also outlining the basics of what you need to know about b...more
Nov 2013
Dec 30, 2013
Cat's Eye
I am a patient woman with a deep love of long books who almost never says, wow, that book was too long.

But wow -- this book was too long. A first-per...more
Nov 2013
Dec 30, 2013
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
I should hate this book, because the idea of a 9/11 novel narrated by a precocious learning-disabled 9-year-old who dresses like Truman Capote sounds...more
Dec 2007
Jan 08, 2008
Burger's Daughter
At what point do you choose what you are already born into? Gordimer explores this puzzle in her densely lyrical novel, spinning out a fictional life...more
Mar 2007
May 22, 2007
The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2006
Don't bother with carefully combing through Granta, McSweeney's, and those burdensomely weekly issues of the New Yorker -- this anthology will teach y...more
May 2007
May 22, 2007
Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia
Ok, I read this a long time ago, but it's still quite possibly the best book on eating disorders -- or even on adolescent mental illness -- that I've...more
Jan 1999
May 22, 2007
The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line (Veronica Mars, #1)
Veronica Mars was pretty much my favorite television series ever. Then again, I don’t like tv that much, and I don’t even see a lot of movies. So on t...more
Apr 2014
Apr 07, 2014
Motherless Brooklyn
Noir detective fiction with Tourette's syndrome.

The protagonist is an orphan rescued from his bleakly institutionally upbringing by a petty gangster...more
not set
May 10, 2010
The Rings of Saturn
“In August 1992, when the dog days were drawing to an end, I set off to walk the county of Suffolk. . . . I became preoccupied not only with the unacc...more
Dec 2011
Aug 02, 2012
The Elegance of the Hedgehog
I still have residual Franco-fetishism from last year's trip, so I suspect that one of these stars might just be about Paris, and not about the book a...more
Jun 2009
Aug 01, 2009
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